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The Repubs plan on cutting the budget from 1600 billion to 1500 billion. No wait! I mean the budget DEFICIT from 1600 billion a year to 1500 billion a year.

Oba mama and his socialist sycophants are sure that the Repubs are mean. Expect nothing to change and you wont be disappointed.

Because when all is said and done, nothing will change!

EDITORIAL: Obama’s budget blarney – Washington Times

When the biggest spender in America’s history says it’s time for government to live within its means, it is reasonable to ask: Who does President Obama think he’s kidding? Mr. Obama‘s new budget is the latest installment in a series of proposals featuring flawed estimates based on unrealistic economic assumptions. It should be considered dead on arrival.

Mr. Obama’s latest public-relations ploy tries to portray him as some kind of deficit hawk. The reality is the savings of $1 trillion over 10 years he’s touting wouldn’t be necessary had he not treated the federal budget like a teenager who swiped his parents’ credit card. To put his alleged savings in perspective, $1 trillion is a little more saving over a decade than the government blew on a stimulus program that produced no measurable results. From another angle, with $100 billion of deficit reduction per year, Mr. Obama could pay down the current fiscal year’s deficit in 16-20 years, assuming he balanced all future budgets, starting with next year’s. Good luck.


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February 19, 2011 at 6:09 pm

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