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Changes are a coming. Remains to be seen if the world can continue on the track of the last 50 years. History shows us economic collapse of an  Empire brings great upheaval as the powers that be lose control. Just look at the mess the fall of the Soviet Empire left in central Asia and Eastern Europe. Eventually, people figure out how to survive and a new way of life emerges.

Expect a lot of dead bodies to pile up, though, before that happens!

Richard Maybury on the Collapse of the Anglo-American Empire and What It Means for You

Richard Maybury: I think the dollar, as we know it is dead or pretty close to it. Obviously it’s not dead yet but it’s another great big version of Tulipmania. This demand for not only the dollar but for all paper currency, fiat currency, it’s just Tulipmania. It’s been going on since 1971 when all currencies were converted to fiat currencies. So now we are seeing the process of the world bringing this calamity to an end. So the dollar and all other fiat currencies will no longer be fiat. They will be tied to something real, perhaps gold, perhaps a basket of commodities that includes gold, I don’t know, but the whole world is clearly a lot more interested now in holding real assets than fiat currencies. I think we are in the beginning of a great revolution of currencies where we are going to go back to the type of money that can’t be created without limits out of thin air.

Daily Bell: Will the EU be able to salvage the PIGS?

Richard Maybury: I would politely disagree with the phrasing of the question. It should be, Will Germany be able to salvage the PIGS? The answer is probably not in the long run because you can bleed the Germans for a while, but they will probably end up going broke if they try to keep bailing out the PIGS. And there are going to be more PIGS. There are many countries out there operating as welfare states and they are inherently unsound. So if the question were, will the German’s bail them out, I would say for a while, but then the Germans will be dragged down too.

Daily Bell: Let’s continue with some geopolitical questions. Is the euro going under?

Richard Maybury: Yes, I think the euro is going under but I don’t know when. It’s a fiat currency like the rest of them. It’s going to be wiped out too, or replaced by some form currency that cannot be created in unlimited quantities.

Daily Bell: Ireland just started printing its own euro notes. Is this a significant crack in the dike?

Richard Maybury: Yes, sure. Any time you give any human being the privilege of counterfeiting money, he’s probably going to do it, and do a lot. The Irish are just as human as the rest of us and they will succumb to the temptation to inflate the euro.

Daily Bell: Will the EU itself survive?

Richard Maybury: I hope not and I don’t think so. If you look back, say, 45 years, when the various countries in Europe were much more independent and they had their own currencies tied to gold…..

And especially this part……

If the US navy stays in the Persian Gulf and continues to back the
regimes that control Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and other oil countries on
the west side of the gulf, then the price of oil can go rather high.
However, if there’s a revolution and the navy leaves and these
governments are overthrown and new governments come in and just start
pumping all the oil they can, then the price falls dramatically. There
were some calculations done, that I wrote about maybe ten years ago,
that show the price of oil really ought to be somewhere around $5.00 per
barrel because there’s so much of it in the Persian Gulf and that’s the
only place it would be pumped from if politics didn’t enter into the
situation. All these other places like the North Sea, Texas and
Indonesia have higher costs of production than the Persian Gulf does. So
if we could remove all the politics then all oil would be pumped from
the Persian Gulf at a cost of approximately $5.00 per barrel. In that
sense, if the US navy would leave the Persian Gulf, we might see $5.00 a


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