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A whore master like Clinton! Yes, people that would work.  Oba mama is a shoo in!

Pajamas Media » Obama vs. Gingrich — Winning the Future

As I look over the twelve-pack of undeclared presidential hopefuls, there is one candidate who may “win the future” by being the GOP’s best “hope” for “change” in 2012.

His name is Newt Gingrich, and here are five reasons why he could win the nomination.

Gingrich would be acceptable to both wings of the Republican Party.

In order to win the 2012 nomination, the victorious candidate must unite an increasingly divided party. Newt has the potential to emerge as this candidate. He then could help avert an intra-party “uncivil” war that could erupt if a candidate perceived as too “moderate” were to win the nomination. Knowing this, Newt may actively position himself as the uniter candidate.

Gingrich can raise the millions needed to win the nomination.

Newt’s think tank, American Solutions, raised $24 million for the midterm elections, “to mobilize supporters around issues such as repealing health care reform and job creation.”

It has been reported that Gingrich was able to raise $21.5 million for Republicans, with much of that going to candidates and organizations in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Newt’s successful 2010 fundraising is proof that he has an extensive national network of supporters from which to draw when he announces his presidential intentions this spring.

Gingrich is an inspiring leader who knows the issues and offers solutions.

Former speaker of the House, commanding general of the Reagan Revolution, and credited with ending 40 years of Democratic Party rule in the House, Newt Gingrich is a man who knows how to build consensus and lead.

When I asked James Farwell, a longtime Gingrich friend and advisor, to comment about Gingrich’s leadership, he said, “Newt has the rare ability to build coalitions. It’s a talent that has gone largely unsung, but it was on full display when he was speaker, and is vitally important for any president. If he runs, he would dominate the agenda of debate. That is a powerful advantage and provides him with a decisive edge. He has a kinetic quality to connect with crowds, rooted in his ability to present tightly reasoned arguments with good humor and huge intellect. That is a gift and Newt’s got it.”

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February 6, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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