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I thought this guy was to intelligent to be president. Of course, he does’nt stand a snowballs’ chance but it still sounds better than Romney.

So far Oba mama’s a lock!

Saucy ex-pizza CEO makes long-shot bid for presidency – Washington Times

Of the two businessmen likely to be in the field for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, long-shot Herman Cain, savior of the Godfather‘s Pizza chain, makes the case that he is far more electable than former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the presumptive front-runner in the race.

Mr. Cain, whose bid has generated a surprising buzz in conservative circles, said in an interview that he admires Mr. Romney‘s business acumen and supported the former governor’s failed 2008 bid, but Mr. Cain argued that he possessed a greater ability to connect with voters and make things happen.

“Romney is a successful businessman who made a whole lot of money, and my hat’s off to him. I like people to make money,” said Mr. Cain, whose varied resume includes a stint as chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, a widely praised turnaround job at the Pillsbury-owned Godfather‘s chain, a term as head of the National Restaurant Association and host of a radio talk show in Atlanta.


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January 29, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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