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I told you they fear us…..

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We have guns. We know how to use them. 100 million of us. The press gets us excited because a few paranoids afraid of their own shadow want to take them away. Or “regulate” us because we haven’t shot anybody in our lives.

And never will!

It’s a left-wing fantasy that has been laid to rest many times but still rears it’s head.  People with guns are more dangerous than anything else in society. Unless you drink and drive. Or attack a cop. Or eat yourself to death. Etc etc. The same assholes that sell global warming, Palin shot the Congresswoman in Arizona, ozone holes, Alar in apples, yada yada.

The thing to remember is that the people doing the complaining do this for a living. Advocating gun control, environmentalism, global warming, global terrorism, gun nuts want us dead, whitey drugging the brothers, send the Mexicans home after they pick my tomatoes, and especially the aliens are coming and they look like the Republicans!

In the meantime, our dollar won’t buy shit and we’ll spend our children into the poor house supporting all these wacko ideas.

Let alone pay for all the broke dick geezers old age that own all these fucking guns!

Pajamas Media » ‘Common Sense Gun Laws’ Make a Comeback After Tucson Shooting

This is mainly because the majority of suggestions have included some mention of new gun control measures, whether they are tied to guns themselves or to the magazines used to hold bullets in semi-automatic pistols. Worst of all, these suggestions are being pawned off on the American people as a way for the government to keep us safe.

Have we not yet existed long enough as a nation to know that the government cannot keep us safe under any and every circumstance? Are we not lucid enough as citizens to know that any new government involvement in our lives will diminish our liberties, even if safety is the proposed aim?

Therefore, we should always be wary when politicians are quick to pounce on disaster for political gain as was seen in the aftermath of Tucson.

Since January 8th, members of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG) have been among the most vocal pushing for new gun control legislation. One of the members of that group, Carolyn Comitta, mayor of West Chester, PA, said as much when she posited partial blame for the shooting on a “lack of common sense gun laws.”


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January 21, 2011 at 7:19 pm

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