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We add 40 or 50 million more on the rolls over ten years…

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 Counting my generation, my parents, and millions of cripples, children and frauds, you get the idea. Nobody knows how to pay for it or who to take the money from.

But someone will pay.

Gimmicks like lying about the inflation rate won’t help that much. Or pretending the Republicans will save us as soon as the liberals are out of office won’t amount to shit either.

None the less, we’ll get our checks!

Just look at the terror in Washington as one of the precious POLITICIANS went down in the Tuscon shooting and watch the crooks run for the printing presses as they imagine a hundred  shooters at every political rally. 

And they may see it! 

Remember they couldn’t outlaw the guns and it only takes a handful like Loughner to ruin the party in D.C.

June 30 2010 Fact Sheet on Social Security


A. Beneficiaries in Current-Payment Status, June 30, 2010
Type of benefit Number of
[In thousands] Monthly
[In millions] Average
Total 53,398 $57,092 a
Retired workers and their family members, total 37,048 41,615 a
Retired workers 34,138 39,938 $1,170
Spouses 2,331 1,345 577
Children 580 333 574
Survivors of deceased workers, total 6,391 6,334 a
Children 1,930 1,449 751
Widowed mothers and fathers with child beneficiaries in their care 157 132 839
Aged widow(er)s, and aged parents 4,066 4,590 1,129
Disabled widow(er)s 239 163 682
Disabled workers and their family members, total 9,958 9,143 a
Disabled workers 8,002 8,525 1,065
Spouses 160 46 286
Children 1,796 572 318
a Since the benefit amounts for workers and for the various types of family members and survivors are based on different proportions of the worker’s benefit, average monthly amounts for groups of these different kinds of beneficiaries are not meaningful.


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