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Did I tell you the boom is coming?….

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Wait til the big boys get their tax break to repatriate all that cash sloshing around the globe.

Boom time baby!

2 trillion in cash coming back to the homeland to pick up all the bargains laying around. Nice, huh? Or just a coincidence that this will happen? Of course, this doesn’t mean it will last or that it will help the little guy. But it will definitely help Oba mama if it happens on time.

Too bad it will only be temporary like TARP was and all we’ll hear about is inflation inflation inflation.


Factory outlook bright after 17 months of growth – Yahoo! Finance

WASHINGTON (AP) — Factories are cranking up production, anticipating greater spending by consumers and businesses in 2011. Tax cuts will give people more money to buy cars, computers and electronic goods, and provide incentives for businesses to invest in equipment.

Manufacturing activity has expanded in every month since the recession ended a year and a half ago. The big difference now is that the growth is being driven by higher sales and more confident consumers– not just businesses rebuilding the stockpiles that they slashed during the recession.

Steady hiring is likely to follow.


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January 4, 2011 at 5:44 pm

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