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Tell the kids to brush up on Mandarin…….

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Got to hand it to the ChiComs. They do the capitalist thing right. As some commie once said, “the capitalist will haggle over the  price of the rope to hang themselves.”

They have enough money to buy control of our oil companies. Wouldn’t that piss off a few patriots! Hey, if you want to build a hybrid electric car you have to buy the rare earth metals essential for battery construction from China. Want to run budget deficits? Better ask the Commies for the money? Been to Walmart lately?

Chinese trinkets rule, baby!

How long before we have to “consult” with these guys to take a shit, hmm? But of course, as soon as Oba mama comes back from his next vacation he’ll look in to it!

China Squeezes Foreigners for Share of Global Riches –

BEIJING—Foreign companies have been teaming up with Chinese ones for years to gain access to the giant Chinese market. Now some of the world’s biggest companies are taking a risky but potentially rewarding second step—folding pieces of their world-wide operations into partnerships with Chinese companies to do business around the globe.

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Bloomberg News

Lin Zuoming, left, president of Aviation Industry Corp. of China, with GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, announcing plans last year for an avionics joint venture.

General Electric Co. is finalizing plans for a 50-50 joint venture with a Chinese military-jet maker to produce avionics, the electronic brains of aircraft. The deal with Aviation Industry Corp. of China would give GE access to a Chinese government project aimed at challenging Boeing Co. and Airbus in the civilian-aircraft market.

General Motors Co. established a joint venture this year with SAIC Motor Corp., its longtime partner in China, to produce and sell their no-frills Wuling-brand microvans in India, and eventually in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets as well.


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December 31, 2010 at 7:55 am

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