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Exactly my point that the working stiff has been sold out by “free trade” fools and gangsters. The only “American” winners are the banks and politicians in bed with the Chinese Communist. Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot warned anyone who would listen but no one gave a shit.

At least I’m not guilty as I voted for Buchanan in the ’91 primary as a protest against Bush and Clinton, both sellouts to the big money gang that owns our government. And no, there’s nothing we can do about it except remember how good it was to be the richest and most powerful country ever on Earth.

The Lesser Evil is still Evil « GardenSERF’s Plot

There was a sequence of events that I observed over the last 25 years culminating in the destruction of one private business. This was a small corporation owned by an American family who had started off using local talent to make a quality product and took great pride in the “Made in USA” label.

* Early to Mid 1980s: Company is born, grows, and does well. Moves from a mom and pop shop to hiring non-family members. A lot of hard work and growth during this time pays off. To help facilitate growth, investment, etc., company takes on partners with expertise in specialized areas.

* Late 1980s: Company continues to do well, but growth plateaus. Original owner does not want to do a public offering of the business. Internal triangulation and disagreements on how to proceed leads to moves by newer partners to break-up/sell the business. Original owner/family takes out loan to buy their company back from the newer partners. This takes a significant amount of money out of reinvestment in the business and improving health/retirement plans for all workers (including the owners).

* Early 1990s: Owners continue to use American parts and labor as other companies begin to outsource some production of parts to Mexico. The company survives the regional recession of the early 90s and the owners are able to make their payments to the bank for the buyout and are also able to do a large expansion.


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December 27, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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