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It was great to see Oba mama get rolled by the Repubs. Now they knows what the right has   been feeling since Reagan.

You vote for them and they stick it in your ass. LOL. I fell for it by Reagan in the 80’s then  Newt back in the 90’s and didn’t figure it out until Bush went nuts and invaded Iraq and stayed there. What the fuck was he thinking?

You kill the bastard replace him and leave, for Christ’s sake. And you don’t give gangster bankers money for destroying the economy! You jail them!

Obviously, he was doing what he was told.

The store sales are still down 4 % and our hours are cut by 5 a week.  Don’t expect much improvement in January. Good thing we don’t live paychrck to paycheck like most people I know.


Written by mrcauser

December 24, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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