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Lol. Oba mama is owned by these guys. Do we get the government we deserve?

You Betcha!

Obama’s Halliburton

GE also owns NBC, which in turn owns a ton of cable networks — including MSNBC. That’s the one where Chris Matthews was famously quoted as saying “I felt a thrill going up my leg as Obama spoke.”

There is little doubt that MSNBC is a Obama propaganda machine. Just as there is little doubt that Murdoch owned The Wall Street Journal, and that Fox News pulls for the right.

For his help in getting Obama elected, Jeffrey Immelt got a seat at the table.

A seat at the table

Immediately after he came to office, President Obama named Immelt to the Economic Recovery Advisory Board — along with major GE shareholder Warren Buffett. (Buffett owns 7.8 million shares.)

This group set about helping Obama in saving the U.S. economy. And it has worked — for GE’s economy, anyway…

Think about what GE makes and who will profit from the recent legislation. In just one easy-to-understand example, Obama has mandated that you can’t buy a incandescent light bulb after 2014.

How much money will GE make when everyone has to buy more expensive, higher profit-margin, light bulbs?


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December 20, 2010 at 4:42 pm

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