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One more year on my contract…..

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I dumped Dish Network when my introductory period ended now I have 12 more months to get rid of Direct. Then it’s online from now on as I can get most everything I watch that way. I have a Sony blue ray player for internet TV hooked up direct to my router giving me Netflix. Add that to my XM radio account for news in my car and I’m all set as I normally watch or listen to Fox business, Fox news or talk shows. The only other thing I listen to is  Rush on A.M. occasionally.

I figured a long time ago I didn’t need the regular TV but I couldn’t pick up local TV on an antenna because of trees in my yard. So I signed up for Direct TV. Big mistake. Nothing but junk or nothing I can’t get online except for Dexter and the Tudors. However, these  shows are on Hulu and I can hook my laptop to my Sony tv and watch them. Or pay 8 bucks a month for Hulu Plus.

Of course,  I’m sure something else  will come up in a year or so and give us more choices. Which is what it’s all about.

Americans turn off cable TV as online grows | Raw Story

WASHINGTON — The economic downturn has US cable television companies shedding subscribers in record numbers and Americans increasingly “cutting the cord” in favor of cheaper online options, new research shows.

The findings point to a growing pool of potential customers for online services such as Hulu and Netflix and newcomers like Apple TV and Google TV, which offer lower prices and more flexibility, analysts say.

According to research firm SNL Kagan, US cable operators lost 741,000 basic video customers in the third quarter of the year, the biggest decline since it started tracking the segment in 1980.

Comcast, the largest US cable operator, lost 275,000 video subscribers during the third quarter while Time Warner Cable, the second-largest, shed 155,000 video customers in the July-September period.

The pay television sector — which includes satellite television and TV services offered by telecom firms in addition to cable — lost 119,000 customers in the quarter after gaining 346,000 a year ago, SNL Kagan said.

Combined with a loss of 216,000 customers in the second quarter, the first ever decline in its history, the pay television segment has fallen 2.3 percent in the last six months to around 100 million subscriptions, it said.


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November 29, 2010 at 6:04 pm

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