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Tax reparations…..

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As soon as all these billions are given a huge tax rebate the boom begins!  May need a new president but that’s the plan. Corporations are sitting on the sidelines and buying politicians like it’s going out of style.

Who does Sarah Palin work for?

She just signed a big contract with the Fox Network. Remember Dem leader Daschel. Fucked with the big boys, (owner Murdoch)  at Fox who supported Newt Gingrich’s book deal. Newt gave his advance back, then  Daschel loses reelection and Newt gets big contract at Fox.

This is not the only one bet the big boys are laying. I’m thinking Tea Party after Soros’ left wing  groups have been banging the right pretty hot and heavy for a while.

You piss these guys off and they buy the opposition to stick it in your ass. Ask Oba mama.

But the point is this money is coming back home. That’s the only place it can be invested with any certitude of getting it back. This influx will screw the ChiComs  as this money will not be invested to help them produce  their shit.

It’s my contention that economic booms in a fiat system are caused by surplus cash bidding up assets and right now that cash is waiting for a handout from Uncle Sam. When it comes home we’ll see if it will put off the collapse for another 5 or 10 years. I believe the next bust happens as my generation leaves the work force and liquidate their assets to eat.

And it will be massive.

Not that we have much stuff left after this episode and what there is will have to be sold to a very much smaller and poorer group of investors.

Will our children be able to afford us?  Or will they have  to conquer  a few countries to save our asses?

Guess which way I’m betting?

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Congratulations to Cisco Insiders for Dumping 6,620,750 Shares, 60% of Holdings in 6 Month; Cisco CEO Whines about Taxes; Is Chambers Worth a Dime?

Cisco was hit in afterhours trading on Wednesday following a rare revenue warning. Futures are down but dip-buying strength has been so insane lately that one must wonder if there will be any follow through.

Regardless of what the stock does, the huge warning may portend the end of the ramp in capital spending on technology by corporations. If so, what’s left of the recovery (if anything) is all on the backs of consumers.

While pondering that grim setup, please consider Cisco Forecasts Fall Short of Estimates; Shares Slide

Cisco Systems Inc., the largest maker of computer networking equipment, forecast sales and profit for this quarter that fell short of analysts’ estimates, sending the shares down as much as 15 percent in late trading.

“There’s no reason to think that that’s going to reverse quickly,” said the San Francisco-based analyst, who still advises buying the stock. “This is kind of a deteriorating situation.”

The company is seeking other ways to reward investors. Cisco said in September it will initiate its first dividend, starting in the fiscal year that began last month. The size and timing of the payout will depend on tax laws and repatriation policy, because much of Cisco’s cash is abroad.

Tax Laws

Chambers, 61, has said that he wants to bring at least $30 billion in cash back to the U.S. and that tax laws make it too expensive to do so. He’s called for a tax repatriation break, saying Cisco will increase its U.S. headcount by 10 percent if a favorable law is passed.

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