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Well…At least California and New York like Oba mama….

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These states are in the toilet for the foreseeable  future. Good thing they can beg Congress for more money, Right?


 My bad. I don’t think Polosi Barney frank et al are going to be doing much for the unions and criminal element in the Dem party for awhile.

Maybe they borrow from all those rich greedy tycoons on Wall Street? Yea right.
O.k. maybe they can export their prison population to other states and reduce their spending. Oh yea, they’ve been doing that at 300 million or so a year. Imagine paying more income taxes and getting less back than the Red states and then paying these states 300 million to take care of your fuck ups.

Better pray for the next boom!

P.S wasn’t Jerry Brown instrumental in the Nader for president under the Green Party? Al Gore remembers. I told you the Dems are nuts, didn’t I? Or was that brain dead.



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November 5, 2010 at 8:24 pm

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