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Store sales still down at my Walmart….

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Hours cut. Store manager demoted and transferred out. No hiring for the Xmas season. We’re going to need more than the Repubs in charge of the House to fix this mess. Especially as there is no real change in the Senate as the Dems who created this mess are still there and in charge.

 Seems to me the country is just thrashing around looking for the “magic vote” to save the unsalvageable and that didn’t happen. Can’t happen. Reforming this mess would be against the will of the people.

Everybody wants to keep their check!

Soon my whole generation, 60 million or so, will be getting their Social Security checks, and with the rest of the WW2 generation, let’s say 20 million , we will rule Washington. This voting block can’t be overcome. The geezers social programs are going to take most of the tax money coming in and the borrowing for many years to come.

This simple fact means that what we have no real change coming without revolution.

And that’s many years away because well fed people don’t do a whole lot of violent revolt. So it will be business as usual and expect minor tinkering. For instance one thing that has to be faced is trade deficits. Giving trillions of dollars to foreigners without a means to earn it back is economic doom. But the big money boys who buy the politicians are making the rules on protecting their assets. So with the campaign financing coming from these multinational corporations, foreign and domestic, expect no real change there

Another is that we are so dependent on oil in the Middle  East because the left wing nuts in the country won’t let us drill here. Therefore we will continue the military conquest and control of our oil supplies. No one on the planet can stop us from  killing everybody who fucks with us even if the squeamish among us  don’t think its a nice thing to do.

As long as we control all outer space, the seven seas, all airspace, everybody’s money supply, all international food supplies routes and any thing else we deem an American vital interest we can take anything we want.

And we can! Which is what all Empires end up doing.

P.s what the good of an Empire if we don’t use it?


Consumers Issue a Cautious Christmas Spending Forecast

The $25 decrease in Americans’ holiday spending intentions between October 2009 and October 2010 (not a statistically significant change) contrasts with a $61 year-over-year reduction in intended spending found last October and a $108 reduction found a year prior.

The muted nature of this year’s decline is reflected in consumers’ own evaluations of their spending changes. According to the Oct. 7-10 poll, 27% of Americans intend to spend less on Christmas gifts this year than what they spent last Christmas — higher than the 11% who now say they will spend more, but down from the 35% and 33% in 2008 and 2009 saying they would spend less. Prior to the recent recession, Americans were much more closely divided over whether their holiday spending would exceed or trail their spending of the prior year, while more said their spending would be “about the same.”



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November 3, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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