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Either we need to pay more……

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Or prosecute more is the question. Obviously these guys don’t work for us.

Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy –

t’s an industry that can buy politicians as easily as it does dwarfs, which is why government has tilted the playing field ever more in its direction for three decades. Now corporations of all kinds can buy more of Washington than before, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and to the rise of outside “nonprofit groups” that can legally front for those who prefer to donate anonymously. The money laundering at the base of Tom DeLay’s conviction by a Texas jury last week — his circumventing of the state’s post-Gilded Age law forbidding corporate campaign contributions directly to candidates — is now easily and legally doable at the national level.

There are plenty of Americans who don’t endorse Stewart’s indictment of cable news; there’s even a reasonably large group that doesn’t buy Beck’s perceived shortfall in American religiosity. But seemingly everyone is aggrieved about the hijacking of the political system by anonymous special interests. The most recent Times-CBS News poll found that an extraordinary 92 percent of Americans want full disclosure of campaign contributors — far many more than, say, believe in evolution. But they will not get their wish anytime soon. “I don’t think we can put the genie back in the bottle,” said David Axelrod as the Democrats prepared to play catch-up to the G.O.P.’s 2010 mastery of outside groups and clandestine corporate corporations.

The story of recent corporate political donations — which we may never learn in its entirety — is just beginning to be told. Bloomberg News reported after Election Day that the United States Chamber of Commerce’s anti-Democratic war chest included a mind-boggling $86 million contribution from the insurance lobby to fight the health care bill. The Times has identified other big chamber donors as Prudential Financial, Goldman Sachs and Chevron. These are hardly the small businesses that the chamber’s G.O.P. allies claim to be championing.


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November 30, 2010 at 6:33 pm

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One more year on my contract…..

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I dumped Dish Network when my introductory period ended now I have 12 more months to get rid of Direct. Then it’s online from now on as I can get most everything I watch that way. I have a Sony blue ray player for internet TV hooked up direct to my router giving me Netflix. Add that to my XM radio account for news in my car and I’m all set as I normally watch or listen to Fox business, Fox news or talk shows. The only other thing I listen to is  Rush on A.M. occasionally.

I figured a long time ago I didn’t need the regular TV but I couldn’t pick up local TV on an antenna because of trees in my yard. So I signed up for Direct TV. Big mistake. Nothing but junk or nothing I can’t get online except for Dexter and the Tudors. However, these  shows are on Hulu and I can hook my laptop to my Sony tv and watch them. Or pay 8 bucks a month for Hulu Plus.

Of course,  I’m sure something else  will come up in a year or so and give us more choices. Which is what it’s all about.

Americans turn off cable TV as online grows | Raw Story

WASHINGTON — The economic downturn has US cable television companies shedding subscribers in record numbers and Americans increasingly “cutting the cord” in favor of cheaper online options, new research shows.

The findings point to a growing pool of potential customers for online services such as Hulu and Netflix and newcomers like Apple TV and Google TV, which offer lower prices and more flexibility, analysts say.

According to research firm SNL Kagan, US cable operators lost 741,000 basic video customers in the third quarter of the year, the biggest decline since it started tracking the segment in 1980.

Comcast, the largest US cable operator, lost 275,000 video subscribers during the third quarter while Time Warner Cable, the second-largest, shed 155,000 video customers in the July-September period.

The pay television sector — which includes satellite television and TV services offered by telecom firms in addition to cable — lost 119,000 customers in the quarter after gaining 346,000 a year ago, SNL Kagan said.

Combined with a loss of 216,000 customers in the second quarter, the first ever decline in its history, the pay television segment has fallen 2.3 percent in the last six months to around 100 million subscriptions, it said.

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November 29, 2010 at 6:04 pm

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Remember this !

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Makes you ashamed to be An American, doesn’t it ? Black Friday nuttiness back in the stone age!

Cabbage Patch Kids Craze!

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November 28, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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See…. No serious deficit reduction coming…..

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Everybody would have to take a hit in order to kill budget deficits.

Not going to happen!

You can’t spend like drunken Democrats and shovel money out the front door to stay elected and get any budget under control.

Michelle Malkin » Update: GOP Sen. DeMint, Rep. Pence introduce bill to stop $3.9 trillion Obama tax hikes

Today, GOP Senator Jim DeMint and Rep. Mike Pence unveiled stalwart legislation to give all hard-working taxpayers, businesses, family farms, and other job generators tax relief and certainty.

Get behind those who are fighting the job-killing machine on the front lines:

Pence, DeMint Introduce Legislation to Stop $3.9 Trillion Tax Hike

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) introduced the Tax Relief Certainty Act, a bill that would permanently extend the current individual tax rates and prevent tax increases on every American.

“Raising taxes during the worst economy in 25 years is simply a bad idea,” Congressman Pence said. “Higher taxes won’t get anyone hired and higher taxes do not create jobs. But if the Democrat-controlled Congress fails to act during this lame duck session, the American people will see the largest tax increase in our nation’s history. In order to keep working families, small businesses and family farms from facing a tax increase, this legislation would make the current tax rates permanent so no American faces a tax increase on January 1. The best way to start to spur job creation and get the economy moving again is to preserve the current tax rates, and when the new Republican majority begins serving in the House of Representatives early next year, I look forward to taking up pro-growth policies that ensure fiscal discipline, regulatory reform and additional tax relief.”

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November 27, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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Is this the reason this guy lost his job…

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Is it? The Republicans spent a lot of money getting rid of this guy. He also has a reputation of being embarassing to the Oba mama gang let alone the Cabal that owns our government. Notice that the slimy bitch had 8 months to “review” the banking fraud and hasn’t had a chance to finish it. Must be a hectic schedule in Washington has kept her too busy. She claims she doesn’t have authority to do audits of the gang that made this mess. But she serves at the pleasure of the president.

Of course she’s busy. After all lunch is so tiring for our over worked public servants don’t you know!

Alan Grayson (High Quality Version): Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

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November 24, 2010 at 6:16 pm

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Bailouts for Ireland?……

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Isn’t interesting that the only ones getting the bailout money are the fucking crooked banks that got us into this mess.

No wait , that’s the norm. These guys deserve their money back as they bought enough politicians around the world to make it happen.

Rothschild Bank AND Goldman Sachs Are Both On The LIST Of Bondholders Getting U.S. Taxpayer Billions In Irish Bailout – Home – The Daily Bail

Every child in Ireland is being bequeathed a huge debt at birth to protect the interests of foreign, mainly German, bondholders – why? Guido was once a bond trader, it was always understood that sometimes the bond issuer defaults.

* That is the risk investors take.

So why is Dublin’s political establishment so keen to protect foreign investors at the expense of future generations? Guido has obtained the list of foreign Anglo-Irish bondholders as at the close of business tonight. These are the people whom Dublin’s politicians really seem to care about:

Great analysis of the list from the Golem XIV…

Of the 80 listed companies only 7 listed pensions and being a cooperative savings institution. Of those only 4 listed churches and unions as their clients, the others could well have been big pension funds. The churches and unions in question were in Germany not Ireland. Those seven companies are amongst the smallest of Anglo Irish’s bond holders. I only have figures for four of the seven. The largest, Union Investments of Germany, has a mere €165 billion in assets under management.

The total assets under management which I was able to compile from publicly available figures is €20,871,150,000,000. That is an underestimate because the bond holders who turn out to be Private and Swiss banks don’t publish any figures. So Anglo Irish’s ‘bond holders’ hold and invest MORE than 20.8 trillion euros. Guido lists those bond holders as holding between them 4 Billion euros in Anglo Irish bonds.

Now, in my opinion both figures are likely to be wrong. Certainly my figure is a large underestimate. But taking them at face value Anglo Irish would account for one 5000th of the total assets being managed by all the bond holders. So would even a total default by Anglo Irish cause that much, let alone systemic, pain and risk? Why are the ‘Bond holders’ and the Irish government so concerned that the Irish people be forced to take the loss and pay the debts for them?

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November 23, 2010 at 7:53 pm

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Check out Walmart for inflation…..

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Smaller packaging same price. Price for ounce goes up. Buy less and inflation stays in check statistically. But Walmart domestic sales are down. Big shots in the company are running scared and trying to save the stores margins. A lot of these guys have lost their jobs for fucking up and trying to cater to upper middle class woman with Martha Stewart, Hanna Montana, cooking guru Paula Odean etc. They remodeled the stores and removed the impulse counters in the middle of the aisles and discontinued many favorite items like the institutional sizes and we lack rapid replenishment of everyday items that consumers have been buying for years.

Not exactly a recipe for success you know!

Gonzalo Lira: The Boiling Frog: Effects of QE2 On The Bottom 80% of the U.S. Population

We can’t because, as prices rise, people buy less of a necessity: Higher gas prices means people drive less. Higher food prices means people eat less, or less quality of food. Higher heating oil prices means people heat their homes at a lower temperature—or in some cases not at all.

But although we can’t easily quantify it, we can comfortably make certain claims about the effects of rising consumer prices on the population.

The first claim I would venture to make—and one that I don’t think will be particularly controversial—is this: Any household spending more than two-thirds of their after-tax income on food, housing, clothing and transportation will suffer an immediate, negative impact from the Fed’s efforts at induced inflation.

That covers pretty much the bottom three quintiles of American households. So 60% of the U.S. population will suffer an immediate effect of rising prices—the stated policy goal of Ben Bernanke’s QE2.

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November 21, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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