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Since no one was imprisoned the swindle will continue. Why not? The big banks and their buddies have bought plenty of politicians world wide and continue to do so.

Do you really think the Repubs are going to do any better. Why would they?  After all, there’s not a whole lot of money coming from broke dicks for political reform. We must remember that it  takes millions to win a Senate seat. And usually a million or so for a house seat in many states. Let alone a hundred million for a presidency.

In politics it’s all about the money. And who has money? Yep. Not exactly rocket science. Money talks and bullshit walks. So we won’t get any relief there. Much better to prepare for the next few years as all the money is repatriated from overseas after the Repubs join hands with Oba mama and pass new tax breaks for their corporate masters.

Then the boom is on. Even though the working man wont see much of it.

We don’t have the  money to buy access! So vote your ass off and suffer.

Thank G20 It’s Friday! – Phil’s Favorites

America is quite literally for sale, at rock-bottom prices, and the buyers increasingly are the very people who scored big in the oil bubble. Thanks to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and the other investment banks that artificially jacked up the price of gasoline over the course of the last decade, Americans delivered a lot of their excess cash into the coffers of sovereign wealth funds like the Qatar Investment Authority, the Libyan Investment Authority, Saudi Arabia’s SAMA Foreign Holdings, and the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Here’s yet another diabolic cycle for ordinary Americans, engineered by the grifter class. A Pennsylvanian like Robert Lukens sees his business decline thanks to soaring oil prices that have been jacked up by a handful of banks that paid off a few politicians to hand them the right to manipulate the market. Lukens has no say in this; he pays what he has to pay. Some of that money of his goes into the pockets of the banks that disenfranchise him politically, and the rest of it goes increasingly into the pockets of Middle Eastern oil companies. And since he’s making less money now, Lukens is paying less in taxes to the state of Pennsylvania, leaving the state in a budget shortfall. Next thing you know, Governor Ed Rendell is traveling to the Middle East, trying to sell the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the same oil states who’ve been pocketing Bob Lukens’s gas dollars. It’s an almost frictionless machine for stripping wealth out of the heart of the country, one that perfectly encapsulates where we are as a nation.

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October 25, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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