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How about nose hair trimmers?…..

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No Really. These people are stupid. I’ve found two pair stolen over the last year or so. How would you explain to anyone stealing those. Can you imagine? (Of course, if it’s a serious growth maybe you ought to take up a collection.)

Got to be a great story there somewhere!

Retail Theft Reaches New Level Of Insanity | The Daily Feed |

What are shoplifters nabbing, and why? Are cultural trends mirrored by criminal activity?

Yesterday, AOL ran a package of Minyanville articles about those objects that are most wanted — and least paid-for — across the country.

The list included meat, books, OTC pills, alcohol, baby formula, razors, Brighton jewelry, cosmetics, and gadgets, games, and smartphones.

Then, today, a comment popped up from a reader that needs to be shared with all:

“We have a furniture store in Las Vegas. Last year when we were reordering accessories for Christmas, we did not reorder the smaller Ten Commandments plaque as we had 15 in stock. Wrong: they all had been stolen! Now, we only sell the larger Ten Commandments. Too big for a purse.”


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October 22, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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