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I’m bleeding this time of the month…..

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So women go buy something? What are they trying to say? Keep women out of the stores every 28 days?

LOL. Now I remember why I don’t read the Times very often!

Opinion – Freakonomics Blog –

Recent research on willpower suggests that it’s a limited resource that can be depleted. Now there’s evidence that something else affects willpower: women’s menstrual cycles. A new study by Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher finds that the further a woman is in her cycle, the more likely she is to make “impulsive purchases.” Pine and Fletcher believe their results are linked to the resource depletion theory of willpower: “We suggest that, in common with other cognitive competencies, the resources that govern spending may also be menstrual-cycle sensitive, and our data reflect women’s lower self-regulatory resources during the luteal (pre-menstrual) phase.” (HT: Nathan Yang) (31)


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October 14, 2010 at 4:20 pm

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