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Only get credit cards to build up your FICO score. Pay them off and quit using them. Borrow all you need from you credit union for cars, houses,boats, etc. use personal and unsecured loans instead of credit cards.

I’m paying 5% percent on a 6 year old Suzuki Suv  bought 6 months ago. I can get boats and RV’s at 4.5% right now with at the NADA blue book with no money down. The only thing they don’t loan on is mobile homes so I’d have to borrow with personal loan for that.

The boom is coming. The big boys are buying each other up and preparing for it. I’m doing the same. When it hits I don’t know but I want to be ready. If it doesn’t and the bust get going again I’ll just borrow all I can and retire to Florida on my yacht, LOL.

Activist Post: How we can take stolen profits back from banksters

All of our money comes from debt to private banks — banks that try to make it look like governments are at fault for their countries falling so heavily into debt. The truth is that banks take the profits that could have been used to better maintain the society if only the people’s money was issued by governments through state-owned banks, as was the case, for a time, in both Australia and the US.

What private banks have set up is actually the world’s largest pyramid scheme, in which new people must always be going into debt in order that others obtain the currency they need to function within the economy. Within such a system, total indebtedness must continue to increase in order to provide the money that people need in an ever more productive society.

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September 27, 2010 at 6:09 pm

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