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It’s the government’s fault….

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Or it’s “greedy bankers”. Rich people screwing us Crooked politicians. Blah blah. The truth is  that we all want something for nothing. Bigger incomes, cars, houses, bellies, loans, handouts or excuses.

The wonder is that everyone seems to believe that there is something we can do to save us from all these “problems.” Like voting? When is the last time this worked. The only thing we can do is prepare to avoid as much of these “solutions” as possible. Right now we don’t have an excuse to vote other than throw the fuckers out.

So, one thing I’m doing is preparing for the next boom by paying off all old debt and getting my more lines of credit  to pick up the pieces of this bust.  Can’t say if it comes in time and saves Oba mama’s ass or not but the boom will come.

I’m sure of this  because the USA is a sovereign nation with it’s currency dominating the world. A sovereign nation can always inflate (print) it’s debts away. Of course, someone has to buy this debt and that seems to be a given from past experience. or inflation eats you alive.Fortunately, foreigners alone have trillions of dollars that have to be repatriated and government bonds, a claim on America’s assets, is the only  place to put the money. Period. Giving them great leverage on public policy and giving America more and more control of their future.

Can you say world government writ large.

And if push comes to shove, no one on the planet can stop us from taking anything we want. Trust me, we are not the first Empire to do so. Nor have we been that bashful in the past.

So what’s the problem today? Politics. Most people are convinced that the government must balance their books like a household does. Nothing says this is true in a fiat system other than the caveat that uncontrolled inflation  destroys every elected government it is loosed on.

This fear, I believe, is what has stopped the government from cutting the taxpayers a large check to destroy the debt overhang that’s preventing the economy from growing.

Consumers, who make up over 70% of the economy, are technically bankrupt and need to get rid of their crushing debts. No matter how they got into this mess or who’s fault, the economy will stall and sputter until, one way or another, this debt has been dissipated.

Easiest solution is: send me a big check and I’ll pay off my debts, buy a new RV, car, house various pieces of consumer electronics and even pay more taxes.

And I would even hold my nose and vote for the guys who send me the check. (yes I can be bought.)

 I’m waiting.


Written by mrcauser

September 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm

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