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Ok. let’s throw the bums out and replace them with the bums we threw out before.

What a waste. Might better find another thing to do with your time than vote for “change.”

Hot Air » Laura Ingraham grills Cantor: You guys are going to try to repeal ObamaCare, right?

A fun interview, partly because Cantor is caught off-guard at being pressed during what he thought would be a friendly chat and partly because it perfectly captures the anxiety felt by grassroots conservatives about the Beltway GOP reverting to their old ways. (Note the exchange at the very end.) Here’s the bit in his recent interview with Politico that she’s talking about:

He seems to take a more modest — or at least realistic — approach to explaining what Republicans could do with a House majority.

Cantor said it’s unlikely that health care overhaul legislation will be repealed with Obama in the White House. But it’s more realistic to simply refuse to appropriate money to fund health care reform.

“If you deny agencies monies they need to promulgate [regulations] and do all of that, you certainly can slow a lot of things down and make the case to the public,” he told the group.

Ingraham’s response: Why not push a repeal bill immediately? Even if Obama vetoes it, that’s good politics for the GOP since a majority of the public supports repeal.


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August 28, 2010 at 6:03 pm

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