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We’re Pulling Out Of Iraq – Orwell is Alive and Well

On the surface it looks like President Obama is delivering on his pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq. With U.S. troops finally drawing down, many families here at home can finally sleep better at night knowing that their loved ones are out of harms way. There is also hope that the scaling down of U.S. forces will lead to a safer, less violent Iraq, as suggested in an editorial at the Seattle Times by Diane Shaughnessy of Auburn, CA:

This week, the last combat convoy left Iraq. By the end of the month, the remaining combat forces will also leave the country. This puts the Obama administration on track to reduce the U.S. troop level to 50,000 by Aug. 31.

This is an important step, but does not by itself end the occupation of Iraq. The administration vowed to completely withdraw from Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011. That is a deadline we must meet.

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August 24, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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