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This guy Shrum must be a closet Republican……

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Not that it matters. They all seem to be in cahoots. Republicans and Democrats argue over piddly things while shipping our jobs over seas. Then they make war on everybody who can’t fight back so they line their pockets with blood money. Nothing substantive ever gets done other than food fights over social issues which is none of the government’s business. Both take money from foreigners to stay  in office and make  special laws for  their cronys. And don’t forget special “favors” for relatives ( Dashel, Waters and Feinstein the most famous).

Why should we vote? The governments in this country no longer deserve our support. Other than to get in on the take, of course.

Do we have a choice?

Obama’s midterm roadmap – The Week

First, the president signed a $26 billion bill to save the jobs of teachers, police, and firefighters across the country. Typically, he got the result he wanted, but little of the credit he needs. Both this latest success and his rather sparse comments about it, which were buried inside the newspapers and in the rundown on television news, swiftly faded for a nation now numbed to legislative landmarks and impatient for economic recovery.


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August 17, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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