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Broke dicks can’t wait to blow what little savings they have. Give them another credit card and savings disappear . Consumer spending then goes up. So, we need more credit cards in our hot little hands. I can’t wait to pay off my debts from doctor bills and get a couple more loans. Pretty soon I would have enough money to kick back and bitch about broke dicks losing their asses in the next phase of a deflationary depression.

We never learn.

I’m betting credit recovers and we boom into the next crash.  5 to 10 years,


Consumers find thrift, but lose fast recovery – Washington Times

The deep recession and widespread joblessness appear to have taught Americans an important lesson about living within their means and setting aside more money for economic emergencies.

Figures put out by the Commerce Department on Friday show that the personal savings rate tripled during the recession and is hovering at more than 6 percent — a level not seen in decades. Although that newfound taste for thrift is helping to correct some long-standing problems, such as the chronic U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world, it also poses an immediate obstacle for the economy because it is fueling sluggish growth.

Consumer spending normally is the biggest engine driving growth in the broader economy. It has been tepid throughout the recovery, posting growth at or less than 2 percent since last summer despite major spending incentives enacted by Congress, such as the “cash for clunkers” and “cash for appliances” programs encouraging Americans to trade in their energy-inefficient cars and home appliances.


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August 7, 2010 at 5:56 pm

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