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Beat the rush.

Russia and China not exporting food. Leads to shortages and it remains to be seen how much food is bought by the world . Time will tell but don’t bet on a large supply falling out of the sky.

Two Mega-Trends: Eastern Appetites and Western Demographics | 5 Min. Forecast

As you can see, China used to export millions of tons of corn every year. No longer. That’s a potential big catalyst for corn producers. Also, the chart to the right of that shows you China’s climbing imports of soybeans. This, too, is a commodity that China used to export. Needless to say, China is a big market with a lot of mouths to feed. So if China is now regularly coming to, say, the corn market as a buyer, where it once was a seller, that’s a tectonic shift.

“Another chart was about India, another big market. It shows you how prices for food have risen sharply and how Indian crop yields — in this case for rice — trail those of the rest of the world.


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August 5, 2010 at 4:06 pm

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