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We have several customers who buy books and bring them in and exchange them for new. Another famous incident is people who buy camping gear from the store use it and return the stuff after the week end is over and I believe, some people go to another store  and do it again.

And let’s not forget the broke dicks that need a suit and tie overnight, right?

What really hurts the bottom line is the buying refrigerated or frozen items  and eating some and bringing it back for replacement. Of course, even not opening the package means it goes into the dumpster at Wally World for fear of contamination.

The secret is that Walmart doesn’t usually question this behavior as it believes alienating a single customer is bad for the bottom line. Also any purchase less than 50$ is usually refundable without receipt.

Another racket shop lifters have glommed onto for fun and profit

The Daily Bark » Returnaholics: A Trendy Danger to the Retail Industry?

n the wake of the recent recession, consumers have been behaving much more conservatively with their money, which has arguably been one of the few positive outcomes of these rough economic times. Recent years have seen several new shopping patterns, including cost-conscious comparison-shopping and a significant increase in coupon use. However, a new trend that’s currently on the rise begs the question of whether consumer conservatism has gone too far. Returnaholics, as they are called, are shoppers who are obsessed with buying and retuning items on a regular basis. This compulsive, and sometimes downright fraudulent, behavior is starting to cause harm and headaches to retailers both large and small. Today, we explore the reasons Returnaholics can’t seem to hang onto their purchases and look at the large effect that this small group of shoppers has on stores and, ultimately, the rest of us.

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July 11, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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