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Is my check in the mail?….

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Quit fucking around and write everybody a check. Say $200000. No more excuses to be poor. No more soak the rich. Every body happy.

Until next year. Then we need $300000.


How Did We Know The Stimulus Was Too Small? – Paul Krugman Blog –

How Did We Know The Stimulus Was Too Small?

Those of us who say that the stimulus was too small are often accused of after-the-fact rationalization: you said this would work, but now that it hasn’t, you’re just saying it wasn’t big enough. The quick answer to that accusation is that people like me said that the stimulus was too small in advance. But the longer answer is that it’s all in the math: Keynesian analysis provides numbers as well as qualitative predictions, and given reasonable projections of the economy’s path in January 2009, the proposed stimulus just wasn’t big enough. Let’s go back to the tape, January 9, 2009:


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July 31, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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You still can’t make this shit up!!….

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Sounds like some serious stuff going on here. Hope we make it.

Unexplained Mysteries – Climate change creating ‘super marmots’

Climate change creating ‘super marmots’

Posted on Monday, 26 July, 2010 | 16 comments

Another consequence of global warming has become apparant in the creation of bigger and stronger ‘super marmots’.

Climate change is creating “super marmots” that are bigger, stronger and do not need to hibernate for as long, a new study shows.

Scientists claim longer summers have led to marmots – which are ground-dwelling ‘squirrels’ – waking up earlier from hibernation, giving them more time to reproduce and gain weight before the next hibernation period.

View: Full article | Source: Telegraph

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July 30, 2010 at 3:45 pm

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Let’s just shoot the Republicans and the left wont have any problems with them taking over this fall. Poor Oba mama in order to win reelection he’ll have to compromise with the right to win. Boo hoo. Of course, it worked for his Highness Billy Bob Clinton.

Not that it will make any difference!

The political genius of supply-side economics | Martin Wolf’s Exchange |

Finally, with one party indifferent to deficits, provided they are brought about by tax cuts, and the other party relatively fiscally responsible (well, everything is relative, after all), but opposed to spending cuts on core programmes, US fiscal policy is paralysed. I may think the policies of the UK government dangerously austere, but at least it can act.

This is extraordinarily dangerous. The danger does not arise from the fiscal deficits of today, but the attitudes to fiscal policy, over the long run, of one of the two main parties. Those radical conservatives (a small minority, I hope) who want to destroy the credit of the US federal government may succeed. If so, that would be the end of the US era of global dominance. The destruction of fiscal credibility could be the outcome of the policies of the party that considers itself the most patriotic.

In sum, a great deal of trouble lies ahead, for the US and the world.

Where am I wrong, if at all?

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July 29, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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Sure helps to vote, doesn’t it?………

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In this case it’s Dem’s getting the welfare checks. Probably be Republican next time. But not in California which has the fix in for Democrats in most cities and counties.

Of course, that’s why honest people move to Idaho. lol.

Daily Digest – Daily Digest – July 22 – Jul. 22, 2010 – Blogs at Chris Martenson – Daily Digest, Economy

“(CBS) Despite its name, Bell, Calif., doesn’t have much of a ring to it these days. Unemployment is 16 percent and most people in this blue collar town make about $30,000 – unless they work at City Hall, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

Irate taxpayers stormed the building after finding out that the city manager is paid nearly $800,000 to run a town of just 37,000 people.

“We’re being ripped off, we’re being looted by this administration and we want to put an end to it,” said one protestor.

Robert Rizzo has run Bell for 17 years. His starting salary was a reported $72,000. Thanks to pay hikes and an automatic 12 percent annual raise, his salary has skyrocketed nearly 1,000 percent.

He now makes three times as much as the mayors of Los Angeles, $232,425, and Chicago, $216,210 and nearly twice as much as President Obama, $400,000. Rizzo doesn’t even live in Bell, he lives in a million-dollar home near the ocean in Huntington Beach. Tracy went to City Hall to talk to him and he wasn’t on the job.

Taxpayers are also angry that the city’s police chief makes $457,000. That’s twice a much as New York’s police commissioner, $205,000, who leads nearly 35,000 officers. Bell’s chief oversees 33. “

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July 28, 2010 at 4:19 pm

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As I’ve said before….

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The media and their corporate owners keep us under control by selling fear. Earthquakes, oil spills, Alar and other Chemicals in your food, little brown people, gang bangers, racist, Queers, the Devil, Left wing or right wing nuts, Commies, Liberals, Fox News, Rush, Nukes, Big Black guys, Republicans, bloggers, and anyone who bad mouths Obama.

I’m sure I’m on this list a couple places. Who knows, maybe the only one we should be afraid of is anyone selling this shit!!!

BP Oil Spill: Where Did All The Crude Go? Mother Nature Breaks Down Slick in Gulf of Mexico – ABC News

At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire.

Today, ABC News surveyed a marsh area and found none, and even on a flight out to the rig site Sunday with the Coast Guard, there was no oil to be seen.

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July 27, 2010 at 8:48 am

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Yes…. So what?

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I talked about this over 20 years ago when I supported Pat Buchanan for president. Nothing will change now as we’re way past doing anything about it except pay.

 The U.S. Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out  : ICH – Information Clearing House

The U.S. Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out
Here’s the Stats to Prove It

By Michael Snyder

July 16, 2010 “The Business Insider” — The 22 statistics detailed here prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in America.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at a staggering rate. Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world, but now that is changing at a blinding pace.

So why are we witnessing such fundamental changes? Well, the globalism and “free trade” that our politicians and business leaders insisted would be so good for us have had some rather nasty side effects. It turns out that they didn’t tell us that the “global economy” would mean that middle class American workers would eventually have to directly compete for jobs with people on the other side of the world where there is no minimum wage and very few regulations. The big global corporations have greatly benefited by exploiting third world labor pools over the last several decades, but middle class American workers have increasingly found things to be very tough.

Giant Sucking Sound

The reality is that no matter how smart, how strong, how educated or how hard working American workers are, they just cannot compete with people who are desperate to put in 10 to 12 hour days at less than a dollar an hour on the other side of the world. After all, what corporation in their right mind is going to pay an American worker 10 times more (plus benefits) to do the same job? The world is fundamentally changing. Wealth and power are rapidly becoming concentrated at the top and the big global corporations are making massive amounts of money. Meanwhile, the American middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence as U.S. workers are slowly being merged into the new “global” labor pool.

What do most Americans have to offer in the marketplace other than their labor? Not much. The truth is that most Americans are absolutely dependent on someone else giving them a job. But today, U.S. workers are “less attractive” than ever. Compared to the rest of the world, American workers are extremely expensive, and the government keeps passing more rules and regulations seemingly on a monthly basis that makes it even more difficult to conduct business in the United States.

So corporations are moving operations out of the U.S. at breathtaking speed.

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July 26, 2010 at 6:05 pm

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Those fuckers…..

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I’m betting it was the lack of government regulations. What do you think?
Maybe Oba mama can go back and do something about it. As long as he doesn’t come back (lol)

Take Congress with you, buddy.

Unexplained Mysteries – Woolly mammoth hunters helped change climate

The demise of the leaf-chomping woolly mammoths contributed to a proliferation of dwarf birch trees in and around the Arctic, darkening a largely barren, reflective landscape and accelerating a rise in temperatures across the polar north, researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science concluded.

Ancient human-caused warming was tiny compared to modern-day warming, in which the Earth’s temperature has risen about 0. 74 degrees Celsius (1. 33 degrees F) since the start of the 20th century.

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July 25, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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