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What’s all the bitching about offshore oil?……..

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It’s not like we have a choice. Drill or starve, baby! Let’s not forget that every politician for the last 40 years have pontificated on getting us off “foreign oil”. They all had great ideas, except find it here, of course.

When I was a newly wed the country allowed BP and several other oil companies  to drill the Alaskan north slope and for 35 years or so it worked pretty good.  But the religious fanatics in the environmental movement worked their voodoo on Congress and sold us down the river trying to get everyone setting up windmills in their back yard. (Except for the environmentalist  backyards, of course.)

But not to worry the next president will get us off foreign oil, even if he has to invade Iran. Or something. It seems to me, though that we keep getting congenital liars elected.

Just check out the last 8 presidents we’ve had. Oh yeah, maybe we need to buy a better class of gangsters is all. The ones we keep getting are a little long on the tooth. Have you noticed we keep getting the same old shit from these guys and somebody keeps voting for them but no one will admit it.

Hell even the welfare queens who get fee money won’t vote for these clowns. Makes you wonder about our system. doesn’t it.


Written by mrcauser

June 17, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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