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Last quarter WallyWorld sales up a couple of percent and we got a 40$ in store bonus. This quarter we’re up 5 or 6 % and we are getting over $200. Sales have been ok but not great, but compared to last year, we seem to be pretty busy.  I think the local economy is still weak as we are so dependent on logging which sucks thanks to poor new housing starts. Be awhile before the banks and government can clear out all those millions of foreclosures that still have to be dealt with and then people can buy the more expensive new houses.

Meanwhile, my neighbors sold their mobile home for $35000 in less than a week putting it up for sale. Private sale no Realtor. I paid $210000  for mine which is at least comparable so I may sell and find another even though I like no payments on it. Or I might put it on a lot here in town and refinance the equity in a year or two then sell and buy another fixer.

That is if the economy finally booms which I still believe is coming. Always does after a crash as the government cranks up the presses  and can’t slow the money supply in time.

Main thing is how long will oil prices stay this low. The last boom, remember, came to a screeching halt when oil hit $140 a barrel. After all said and done, broke dicks can’t afford their debts, toys, vacations, pensions, health care, houses, etc. without driving to work every day.

Of course, Bush wont be there for Oba mama to blame so, we’ll just have to go back to blaming foreigners I guess. After all, it’s always been good politics to kill our enemies and make a buck.

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June 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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