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I made this case a long time ago……

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Deficit spending has always worked. Giving away our middle class jobs doesn’t. Most people believe the opposite.

History has shown us that the government can borrow as long as they can find people to lend them the money. We’ve been doing it since at least the last “Great Depression”. But giving our industry away to foreign entities, called free trade, so the foreigners can lend us money is a recipe for disaster. You end up spending the borrowed money on the broke dicks you have just created. This in turn leads to more government. Soon you can’t fart without permission.

Of course, the people  doing it make out like bandits. Eventually you runout of foreigners, then what?

In Defense of Deficits | The Nation

To put things crudely, there are two ways to get the increase in total spending that we call “economic growth.” One way is for government to spend. The other is for banks to lend. Leaving aside short-term adjustments like increased net exports or financial innovation, that’s basically all there is. Governments and banks are the two entities with the power to create something from nothing. If total spending power is to grow, one or the other of these two great financial motors–public deficits or private loans–has to be in action.

For ordinary people, public budget deficits, despite their bad reputation, are much better than private loans. Deficits put money in private pockets. Private households get more cash. They own that cash free and clear, and they can spend it as they like. If they wish, they can also convert it into interest-earning government bonds or they can repay their debts. This is called an increase in “net financial wealth.” Ordinary people benefit, but there is nothing in it for banks.


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May 31, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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Looks like a good spot to look……

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Shouldn’t be to hard to sort them out and send them home. Probably cause a burrito shortage but what the Hell we’ll survive.

Thousands protest controversial Ariz. immigration law – Washington Times

PHOENIX (AP) — Thousands of people from around the country marched to the Arizona state Capitol on Saturday to protest the state’s tough new crackdown on illegal immigration.

Marchers carrying signs, banners and flags from the United States and Mexico filled a five-mile stretch of central Phoenix. Dozens of police officers lined the route, and helicopters hovered overhead.

Police declined to estimate the size of the crowd, but it appeared at least 10,000 to 20,000 protesters braved temperatures that were forecast to reach 95 degrees by mid-afternoon. Organizers had said they expected the demonstration to bring as many as 50,000 people.

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May 30, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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Bush’s fault…….

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Read the last paragraph. By the way. how many thousands of jobs and billions in taxes has this “progressive”idiot cost the government with this moratorium? Well, at least these states will continue to be Republican for ever.

P.s notice not one single bureaucrat will lose their job.

Daily Digest – Daily Digest – May 27 – May. 27, 2010 – Blogs at Chris Martenson – Daily Digest, Economy

President Obama, who planned to visit the gulf on Friday, ordered a suspension of virtually all current and new offshore oil drilling activity pending a comprehensive safety review, acknowledging that oversight until now had been seriously deficient.

His action halted planned exploratory wells in the Arctic due to be drilled this summer and planned lease sales off the coast of Virginia and in the Gulf of Mexico. It also halts work on 33 exploratory wells now being drilled in the gulf.

Mr. Obama said at a news conference in Washington that he was angry and frustrated about the catastrophe, and he shouldered much of the responsibility for the continuing crisis.

“Those who think we were either slow on the response or lacked urgency, don’t know the facts,” Mr. Obama said. “This has been our highest priority.”

But he also blamed BP, which owns the stricken well, and the Bush administration, which he said had fostered a “cozy and sometimes corrupt” relationship between oil companies and regulators at the Minerals Management Service.

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May 29, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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Now I can sleep better at night……

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Kind of makes you glad you don’t live in Vegas, doesn’t it? What will they do without these silly diversions from the disaster that big government is.

Might better ban the candidates, heh heh. At least that would be something positive.

Ban on chicken suits at polls still stands – News –

Protesters of a statewide ban to keep people dressed as chickens from coming closer than 100 feet to polling places are crying “fowl.”

It seems Secretary of State Ross Miller’s ban did not stop some peeps from flocking to vote Wednesday.

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5. Couple get 20-year prison terms in sex abuse case
6. Teen killed in North Las Vegas
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9. Lawmaker’s call to woman sparks call for resignation
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“Anyone else tired of chickens?” Miller tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Clad in a bright yellow chicken suit, Michael Ginsburg voted at the Rainbow Library despite the ban, claiming the debate has transformed into a free speech issue rather than a jab at any one particular candidate.

“The concern is they could ban something else,” said Ginsburg, an at-large board member for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. “I understand the chicken outfit has become synonymous with a certain campaign, which we weren’t actually discussing or out in opposition to. This really just interferes with someone’s First Amendment rights.”

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May 28, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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OK. It’s not a black joke…….

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May 26, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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The fix has been reconfirmed…..

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Corporations love government regulations. It kills competition dead leaving a multitrillion dollar market with only a hand full of players.

At least the politicians won’t have to worry about their cut not coming on time. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

US Senate Rubber-Stamps the Dictatorship of the Big Banks

The Wall Street Journal reported the rise in prices under the headline, “Financial Stocks Turn Higher After Senate Passes Reform Bill.” titled its story, “Bank stocks rally on heels of Wall Street reform,” noting that “major banks reacted positively to the reform’s passage, and shares climbed in afternoon trading.”

There is a striking and politically illuminating contrast between the market reaction and the populist phrases mouthed by Democratic politicians in Washington. Harry Reid, the Democrat majority leader in the Senate, boasted, “When this bill becomes law, the joyride on Wall Street will come to a screeching halt.”

President Obama was more restrained, declaring, “Our goal is not to punish the banks but to protect the larger economy and the American people from the kind of upheavals that we’ve seen in the past few years.” But he hailed the passage of the bill as a triumph over intensive lobbying by the major banks (who were among his biggest financial backers in the 2008 presidential campaign).

“When they couldn’t kill it, they tried to water it down,” he claimed, adding, “Taxpayers will never again be asked to foot the bill for Wall Street’s mistakes. There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts. Period.

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May 25, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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Fucking mayans…..

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Who else could it be?

Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft | The Daily Telegraph

IT left Earth 33 years ago, now it’s claimed the Voyager 2 spacecraft may have been hijacked by aliens after sending back data messages NASA scientists can’t decode.

NASA installed a 12-inch disk containing music and greetings in 55 languages in case intelligent extraterrestrial life ever found it.

But now the spacecraft is sending back what sounds like an answer: Signals in an unknown data format!

The best scientific minds have so far not been able to decipher the strange information – is it a secret message?

Alien expert Hartwig Hausdorf said:”It seems almost as if someone had reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth” Read more in Bild

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May 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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