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Both political parties have been bought! Unfortunately, this means voters are given two basic packages to consider that are virtually identical. Republican or Democrat.That’s pretty much what we have but don’t want. Why would any one vote for these guys? Only people who are bought! We might as well get ours, I guess. Right now I don’t see any change coming. Other than new politicians. like Palin, getting rich and “important”, expect no substantive change.

This tea party thing is nothing new. We use to call it “Reagan”.Then the Republicans became “Reaganesque” , in other words, they said anything popular on the right  to get and stay elected. So, we can figure the tea party thing will end up the same way. Samo samo. Happens to every empire.

You can’t change the course of the Titanic.

Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday — Politics Daily

PALIN: Because both major parties, the D’s and the R’s, have both kind of lost their way in some respects. The GOP has some very strong planks in the platform that build a platform that I believe is best to build a strong, safe, prosperous nation.

When the GOP strays from the planks in the platform, a people’s movement like the Tea Party movement is invited in to kind of hold these politicians accountable again and remind them of their constitutional limits there on the federal level.

And it’s a beautiful movement. I’m proud to get to be a part of it in terms of at least hearing from those in the Tea Party movement and sharing with them what I believe are some commonsense solutions to the challenges facing us.

WALLACE: you say you are happy to be or proud to be a part of it. Some people think you want to be the leader of the Tea Party movement.

PALIN: No. I would hope that the Tea Party — the Tea Partiers don’t believe that they need some kind of well-oiled machine, some kind of replicate of the GOP or the Democrat Party, and instead, they remain a movement of the people, uprising and saying, “Listen to us. We have some commonsense solutions that we want our politicians to consider and to implement.”


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February 7, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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