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Now that the Supreme Court has given the green light to corporations to openly offer the politicians (no more sneaking around) huge sums of media advertising to advocate their positions simply means the money boys can openly buy and sell votes. Expect haggling in public soon. (Maybe on Ebay.)

Some people are surprised that the government has thousands of people “working” in private business while on the public payroll. Even though cops do it all the time. Maybe the thought that the government can control these corporation is what we find troubling. Just because the government “owns” some of the largest companies can’t ever be a worry, can it?

Makes you wonder how much influence the corporations really have. But how about the unions and private advocacy groups ? How many CIA are working there, Hmm? Ever wonder why Global Warming became so important in Washington?

Follow the money folow the politicians. After all they own us. But…. who owns them?

Uh-Oh. ‘Moonlighting’—but Without Bruce Willis or Cybil Shepard « Blog

It seems that the guys and gals who work for the ‘Company‘ actually have permission to work for real companies in their off hours. The CIA (aka the ‘Company’) have a little known policy of allowing their agents to moonlight for private firms. My mind boggles just thinking of all the shenanigans that must be going on either between the agents and the private firms or, worse—by the agents to the private firms.

(I remember reading years ago how every major spy agency in the world—in particular the CIA, M5, and the Mossad—have what are called “assets” in every major corporation in the world. These are actual employees of the corporation who supply information to the spy agency on an “as needed” basis. But I digress.)

Here is an interesting little paragraph from the article:

A government official familiar with the policy insists it doesn’t impede the CIA’s work on critical national security investigations. This official said CIA officers who want to participate in it must first submit a detailed explanation of the type of work involved and get permission from higher-ups within the agency. “If any officer requests permission for outside employment, those requests are reviewed not just for legality, but for propriety,” [emphasis mine] CIA spokesman George Little told POLITICO.

“…those requests are reviewed not just for legality, but for propriety…” We can all rest assured that one of the dirtiest organizations in the world probably has a “Chinese wall“-type of structure between the moonlighting CIA agents and the private companies they work for. And I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

[Thanks to Chris Ciancio]


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February 5, 2010 at 7:48 pm

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