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Good thing the government changed those bad numbers from October as Oba mama went to a “job summit” with rich fat cats who don’t create any jobs, right?

Next thing you know a new boom, as I have telling everybody, will happen and we start over again with the country borrowing from foreigners and we will have to buy their junk. We’ve already lost our industries, next we lose our food production. Then we take over a small oil producing country. (Iran?) How else are we going to pay for all these fuck ups.

The Commies were right when they said we would sell them the rope used to hang us.

In the meantime,I’m trying to get ready for the next inflationary boom. I’m getting out of personal debt and have already built up a $5000 line of credit with my credit union. I hope to get it up to $20000 in a year or so then I’ll be able  buy another mobile or two to resell. I expect to make 300 or 400 a month on each one

Might head for Florida and get one for a winter home. With a line of credit all you do is write a check and then move in or resell. Pretty easy to do as long as you buy cheap. Which means cash. Without any personal debts this becomes entirely feasible.

Also, I’m thinking of selling food at the fairs during the winter to get extra money coming in. Hard to believe  that Patti and I can draw Soc.Sec  (partial) in 3 years so we have to get busy.

Should be an interesting retirement.


Written by mrcauser

December 4, 2009 at 8:58 pm

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