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We need to let the first stimulus run it’s course….

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Most of the it occurs starting mid 2010-2011. Huge construction make overs hit the economy and will drive the next boom. Housing and stocks sky rocket again. The next bust will make the 2008-2009 look like a fart in the wind storm.

The geezers are broke and will retire over the next 10-15 years and sell their stocks and houses to eat. No way the younger generations are going to afford 100,000 to 1 million in debt a piece.  We will inflate until there is no way out. That’s to protect the gangsters running the system.

Printing press money always ends badly. Empires need to war for assets as their citizens no longer produce anything of value the world can afford. Therefor the printing presses go full blast just to keep up with promises to keep the elites in power.

Then the the rich and powerful  get murdered.

Of course that can’t happen here. We only have a couple hundred million guns, right?

Op-Ed Columnist – The Phantom Menace –

Now, it’s politically difficult for the Obama administration to enact a full-scale second stimulus. Still, he should be trying to push through as much aid to the economy as possible. And remember, Mr. Obama has the bully pulpit; it’s his job to persuade America to do what needs to be done.

Instead, however, Mr. Obama is lending his voice to those who say that we can’t create more jobs. And a report on suggests that deficit reduction, not job creation, will be the centerpiece of his first State of the Union address. What happened?

It took me a while to puzzle this out. But the concerns Mr. Obama expressed become comprehensible if you suppose that he’s getting his views, directly or indirectly, from Wall Street.

Ever since the Great Recession began economic analysts at some (not all) major Wall Street firms have warned that efforts to fight the slump will produce even worse economic evils. In particular, they say, never mind the current ability of the U.S. government to borrow long term at remarkably low interest rates — any day now, budget deficits will lead to a collapse in investor confidence, and rates will soar.


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November 30, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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Our sales down 10%……

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Not bad in the Obama “Depression.” Without a lot more stimulus we’ll fall even further behind. Once you get people hooked on welfare, they stay hooked.

More cash for shit coming up.

Black Friday or Dead Friday? « Blog

Was Black Friday actually Dead Friday? By the looks of it, retail executives may go into shock during this upcoming holiday season. I think my experience in shopping this Friday may be similar to what a whole lot of folks witnessed yesterday.

This year I did something I haven’t done very often — I joined the throngs of people in line at 4am to try and swipe up a super deal on something I really needed to buy. I have been squeezing every last bit of life from my washer and dryer for a couple of years now, that is, until the dryer decided it had its own mind in regards to temperature, and the washer started destroying my clothes. So I waited months for Black Friday, betting on those annual appliance super deals. And the exact set I had my eyes on since last year appeared as a Black Friday Doorbuster SuperDeal at Sears. The pair sells for about $1,900, with past sale prices never getting better than about $1,500. The Doorbuster price was $850 – no strings attached. Now that’s a savings worth the hassle.

I arrived at 3:45 am, and all entrances seemed to have a line of 50+ people. I thought, “Wow, is this what it’s like?” The bulk of the crowd ended up in the appliance and electronic sections, looking to save $$ on big-cost items, just as I suspected. What I discovered was that the huge mass of shoppers were only there for the early-bird super-duper deals. By 5:15, they had processed all of our purchases, the store emptied, and the whole place was eerily quiet. There was no one around, at all. I talked to a small group of salespeople who were standing around with nothing to do, and they told me the scene was “highly unusual.” They seemed to be very perplexed.

The rest of the day that mall, which is close to me, was about as busy as a normal weeknight outside of the holidays. I noticed the only places with packed parking lots were the discount-cheap retailers — Target, Walmart, Meijers, etc. Everything else was barely business as usual. In years past, I would refuse to leave the house on Black Friday to avoid the crush. Today, which is usually another heavy shopping day, that mall parking lot was consistently 10% filled.

My view of this holiday shopping season – based on a host of personal experiences, observations, and following the news – is that people are buckling down and holding on to their money, partially because they have no choice due to home foreclosure, job loss, and the credit crackdown. Shoppers are going to gravitate to items of necessity, and they will be drawn to stuff they want (but admit don’t need) only when the incentives are huge. Look for retailers to get desperate this holiday season and possibly offer up some mega-discounts.

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November 29, 2009 at 7:00 pm

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Back to the “Afordability Index”……

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My point is that without government gimmicks broke dicks can’t afford a house.


Subsidize interest rates, free money for down payments, tax rebates, and various other schemes just to keep the crooked elites in power and rich eventually comes to a screeching halt.

When everybody throws in the towel and demands this shit stops.

Good luck!

How much does the Average American Make? Breaking Down the U.S. Household Income Numbers.

I ran the numbers for a state with no state income taxes, Texas. A family at this level is only bringing in $3,215 a month. The national median home price peaked around $200,000. So let us assume this family purchased the median home:

5% down payment: $10,000

Mortgage 30-year fixed (6.5%): $1,200

Taxes and Insurance: $333

PITI: $1,533

Right off the bat, this family is spending 47% of their net pay on a median priced home. We didn’t even account for any pre-tax retirement account investing. Given the recent stock market performance and the loss of $50 trillion in global wealth, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. The bottom line is the average American family is being squeezed from every angle. What we need is a focus on jobs and our economy, not bailing out banks. That defeats the entire purpose. The average American family is struggling getting by and when they hear about these billion dollar handouts, they can’t help but to feel left out.

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November 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm

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Walmart workers are in the same boat……

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They, on the whole, are broke every payday. Lining up for their paychecks so they can buy smokes and gas to get home. I guess we have to buy more Chinese trinkets to get these broke dicks through the week. After all, Clinton and the Republican gangsters gave our manufacturing base away years ago.

Wealth comes from making things not selling other peoples junk. But I’ve been warning people about NAFTA for over 15 years.

I hate being right but we haven’t sen anything yet.

Lining up at Midnight at Wal-Mart to buy Food is part of the new Recovery. Banks offering Mattress Interest Rates. The Invisible Recovery Outside of Wall Street.

The fact that you have people lining up at midnight just waiting to have their paychecks or government checks clear for food is probably something you are not going to see on CNBC but it is happening. This recession is really creating a split and is also flaming the fires of class warfare. Average Americans and working class Americans are still dealing with what is known as the Great Recession.

Wal-Mart is looking to meet the new market reality by offering items that meet the new austerity demanded by millions of American families:

“Among the steps Wal-Mart is taking to address the changes in shopping habits, Mr. Quinn listed an overhaul of the retailer’s private-label brand, Great Value, which is promoted in commercials describing how families can fix dinners with Great Value products “for less than $2 a serving.”

For less than $2 a serving means millions of families are now needing to stretch their dollar. So as you might have guessed, having the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve go on a path of dollar weakness actually hurts those at the bottom and middle class the most. Yet they are concerned more about the financial sector and the chips may fall where they may for the remaining group of Americans.

Punishing the Prudent Saver

Those that save and are cautious with their money, are now being forced to make difficult decisions. Even holding on to U.S. dollars is not a good move with the way the Fed is systematically devaluing the dollar. The Fed is artificially keeping rates at record lows so putting your money in a savings account amounts to stuffing it into your mattress. Take a look at three of the too big to fail (TBTF) banks and

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November 26, 2009 at 7:22 pm

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People believe anything. Next thing you know they’ll be tellining us that Oba mama is going to get us out of our oil wars…….wait that’s what he campaigned on.


The Charade of Left and Right by Jacob G. Hornberger

Recently Republican Senator Arlen Specter shocked the Republican-Democratic world by shifting to the Democrats. Yawn! What’s the big deal? With the exception of Ron Paul, every Republican and Democratic member of Congress could switch back and forth and it wouldn’t make any difference philosophically because they all share the same statist philosophy. The only difference it would make is with respect to control, which is what it’s all about.

Look at Barack Obama. Have you noticed any fundamental differences between his economic philosophy and foreign-policy philosophy and that of his predecessor George W. Bush? There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. Obama has embraced every one of Bush’s foreign-policy programs and his infringements on civil liberties. He is also borrowing, spending, and printing as much money as Bush, if not more.

And why not? Like Bush, Obama believes in the socialistic welfare state and the planned economy. And like Bush, he believes in the empire and its right to impose its will on everyone else in the world.

The real ideological, moral, and economic battle in this country is between the lovers of liberty, on the one hand, and the lovers of statism, on the other hand. The lovers of liberty are the libertarians. The lovers of statism are the conservatives and liberals. Unlike the statists, who support and defend all those socialist, interventionist, and imperial programs, libertarians are committed to abolishing and repealing every single one of them. For libertarians, liberty and moral principles, not tax loot and political power, are the highest priority.

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November 25, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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Government will save money…..

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Over your old lady’s body, that is. All you have to do is stop paying for cancer screenings. Early detection is expensive, I guess. Of course, you pay more if the cancer is detected too late. But everybody will have to stand in line behind all the illegals who clean the rich people’ s toilets, right?

Thoughts On The New CDC Recommendations « Blog

All weekend, there was talk and analysis of the new recommendations put out by the CDC, which state that tests such as mammograms and pap smears should be delayed and done less frequently. The GOP is pointing out that this should be a warning about the kind of rationing that will come with socialized medicine. I agree, but as always, the politicians have selective reasoning; this is no more dangerous than the previous recommendations of more screening, which could be turned into totalitarian mandates.

It is noteworthy that radiologists oppose the mammogram recommendation. So, on the one hand, the old schedule was supported by a group that stands to profit directly. On the other hand, the new schedule would cut healthcare costs and was announced at a time when the GAO is crunching numbers for public plans backed by the current administration. That the White House denies any such connection only lends credibility to the GOP’s theory in my eyes.

Both the old and new recommendations are suspect, and this is the inherent problem wit centralized anything, including the mere existance of the CDC. Remember that the CDC’s stated goal is to protect public health first, not individual health. Even if the CDC was immune to politics and corruption, it would still be unwise to follow its recommendations blindly. Only you are concerned about your own individual health as a first priority.

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November 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm

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Only the government can control your privacy……

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You have none.

It will only get worse as the thugs scramble to maintain power. The voters have to be fooled or, better yet, bought, and kept under thumb so none of your money escapes their grasp. All financial, medical, legal, etc. records will have to be accessible.

Staying off the books by using cash is the only alternative. If you dare.

Why government cares about your bank account

Harry Browne
© 2009

“Know Your Customer” is a proposed government regulation by which banks will be required to develop a customer profile that details your banking habits — your pattern of deposits, withdrawals, cash transactions, and the like. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) wants your banker to have this profile so he can tell the government whenever your financial transactions deviate from your established pattern.

This isn’t a new approach. Since 1970 the misnamed “Bank Secrecy Act” has forced banks to tell the government anytime you use a bank wire or cashier’s check to pay someone $10,000 or more. Treasury agents pressure banks to ignore the $10,000 threshold and report ever-smaller transactions — so today the government is likely to be told if you spend even $3,000 in an unusual way.

“Know Your Customer” is just one more step toward giving the government complete access to your financial affairs — to assure that you don’t deal drugs and enjoy your profits, even if you have no interest in drugs.

Four reasons cause government to intrude ever more deeply into your private affairs:

First, it’s human nature for any bureaucrat to expand his empire. So if you give government the power to regulate someone’s life, you shouldn’t be shocked when the bureaucrats use the power to regulate your life.

Second, congressmen have to prove they are tougher on crime than their opponents. Thus they continually hand the bureaucracy new policies to appear to be fighting crime.

Third, government programs never accomplish their stated objectives. So when a program like the Bank Secrecy Act fails to stop the drug trade, it is continually expanded — with more penalties, more surveillance, more reporting, more requirements of all kinds — to try to make the program work.

Why do such programs fail? Because those at whom it is aimed make it their business to know the regulations and circumvent them. A drug dealer won’t keep his money in the bank — to have his transactions reported to the government and his assets seized by zealous DEA or Treasury agents.

But you — secure in the knowledge that you’re doing nothing wrong — feel no need to know about new laws and regulations. So you do nothing to protect yourself from snooping in your bank account, from asset-forfeiture programs that can confiscate your bank account because of suspicious transactions, from informants making up stories about you, or from any of the other legal inanities. When the drug warriors swoop down on you, you’re unprepared, vulnerable, and completely overwhelmed. As a result, you may lose much of your property or even go to prison.

This, of course, contradicts the politicians’ standard reassurance: “If you’re not guilty, you have nothing to fear.” It is the innocent — not the guilty — who have the most to fear from the avalanche of laws and regulations.

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November 23, 2009 at 6:38 pm

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