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With the economy sliding off the cliff, Obamama has to shore up and plug the biggest looming deficit: health care. (Education is politically, for the Dems, untouchable.)

Trillions are on the line with desperate bureaucrats scrambling to stanch the losses. The Medicare system goes into the red in 2011 and no one knows where the money is going to come from. On the other hand, the private system takes trillions out of our pockets and can’t be taxed by the Government.

This leaves the  government basically stealing from the “rich”. Assuming they will sit still for it. Though to me, it seems reasonable to think that even the government  will run out of rich people  to rob.

 And don’t forget the richest class among us, the old geezers,  will be retiring after losing most of their wealth tied up in houses and stocks.

WE are broke and don’t have enough years to regain our losses..

As for  the Chinese and other foreign suckers, they’ll have their own problems. Like unloading all those inflated dollars. And keeping their citizens in check.

The key, of course, is cheap energy that drives our economy. After all, oil is the ultimate “money”. Unfortunately for the Fascist in Washington, no one will give it away any more for paper dollars. And adding to the mix, the government won’t allow drilling for American oil.

Personally I think Washington will have to take over another small oil producing country to pull it off.

Not politically feasible? Wait a few years, heh heh.

In the meantime watch your taxes explode!

The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Stimulus Math and Health Care

Public perception of the stimulus will play a crucial role in the upcoming health care battle. Many Americans following the debate won’t be wading into the policy details. Instead, they’ll be exposed to claims and counterclaims — Obama and Democrats saying their health care legislation will make things better, and Republicans (if they get their message together) most likely arguing that it would have disastrous implications. With both sides throwing statistics back and forth a lot of it will come down to a credibility issue, and whoever the American people trust more will win the debate. Will Americans trust Obama that he can insure everybody, control costs, allow everybody to keep the insurance they have, improve the quality of health care, avert a government takeover of medicine, avoid rationing, and avoid raising taxes on 95 percent of the population? Or will Republicans be able to convince Americans that he’s misleading them, that insuring everybody will require higher taxes, that expanding health care will raise costs unless the government imposes rationing, and that Obama’s plans will inevitably lead to a government takeover? So, if people start to get skeptical about the results of the stimulus package, then it will make it harder for Obama and Democrats to sell the public on their health care claims, and it will be easier for Republicans to attack any legislation.

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June 9, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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