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Obamama getting desperate…..

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Spend more.  Spend faster. Borrow. Tax. Tax. Quite a formula. Expect this to come to a head when California, then several other states, beg for bigger relief. Unemployed people can’t pay taxes or vote for fiscal discipline. Soon the Dem’s will pull out all stops.

Watch the price of oil. Pushing $70. Gas prices up and up. All this stimulus money will find a home. In stocks or in commodities. Speculation fever is kicking in.

But this is not the “big crash.” it’s coming over the next decade. We have time to prepare. I still plan on  getting my Social security check. Even if I have to vote for a Democrat.

And so will you.

There’s nothing to be done to save the “empire” from spiraling out of control and become a one time great power. There’s no one who can lead us any other way.

Expect a lot of war. And running from the world scene.

Prepare for several new countries to emerge in the former U.S.A.


Written by mrcauser

June 8, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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