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Remember only the working stiff pays….

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Imagine if everyone packed up and left. What would the politicians, welfare queens and various low life blood suckers do?

Work? (Heh heh.)

Niagara Falls Reporter Opinion

This problem did not begin with the current recession. New York faced a $6 billion shortfall before the economic downturn. However, in the face of economic turmoil Gov. Paterson, Speaker Silver and Majority Leader Smith looked to the unions and special interests, who answered with one voice: Raise taxes.

Among other taxes and fees, they raised the marginal tax rate on the most successful (and most mobile) New Yorkers to 8.97 percent, the second highest rate in the nation.

It was irresponsible and it may just prove to be counterproductive, since the top 1 percent of earners account for about 50 percent of state revenue. We’re the ones who can — and will — leave.

It’s not an easy decision, but I’m being forced away from my family and friends, a pain shared by too many parents and grandparents in this state.

I’m leaving. And by domiciling in Florida, I will personally save $13,800 every single day. That’s a pretty strong incentive.

Like I said, I love New York, but I’m not going to pay New York more for the waste, corruption and inefficiency that is New York state government.

Tom Golisano is the Chairman of the Board of Paychex, Inc. and the founder of the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation. He created Responsible New York so the voices of ordinary New Yorkers can be heard over the special interests, to hold elected officials accountable and to advocate for government reform.


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June 2, 2009 at 1:43 am

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