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Heh heh. Take no prisoners. We going to take your money, sonny.
Give me my check. I need to start mooching.

By the way how did he get to keep so  many teeth at his age? (heh heh)

Degringolade: Costco Trauma

(Or, why one should never, ever, be polite to boomer scum)

Mom’s eightieth birthday is coming up rapidly, and as we are going to have an everybody is there, serious family reunion with all the bells and whistles, I decided to renew my lapsed Costco membership so that we could go and buy all the vegetable, lunch meat, and fruit trays that the pack of ravenous jackals that I call a family can eat.

So, into Costco I went, fairly crowded, but I’ve seen worse. Got my card and went a shopping. It seems that the prices aren’t really super exceptional, but they sell good quality stuff at a good price. Soups, lunch-meat, pizza fixins’, and dental stuff went into the cart (won’t need dental floss or Listerine for a while). The goods I bought we worthwhile.

What pisses me off is the people my age who are there. Boomers have now seemed to be more self-absorbed than usual in that store. They will stop dead in the middle of the aisle and stare intently at labels, oblivious to people behind them who are trying to get by. My favorite experience yesterday was a long-in-the-tooth trophy wife who had parked her cart across the aisle, blocking traffic in both directions. When I asked her “excuse me”, her response was “I’ll be done in a minute you can wait”. Needless to say, I moved her cart myself.

But it got me to thinking about that ongoing embarrassment that is my generation. In a sense, a lot of the problems that we are experiencing is that this group of prima donna’s has been promised far too much.

Social security is going bankrupt because there are too damn many of them getting ready to retire. Oh yeah, they paid in their money, but they were at the wheel spending the money in DC the last twenty years.

The financial mess is the baby boomers idea and problem. 4% steady growth by a well-managed firm wasn’t enough for the boomers, they had to go out and invent the dot-bomb and the sub-prime mess.

Now just wait until this self-righteous, self-absorbed band of creeps queue up to the retirement line. They will start demanding tucks and cosmetic surgery from Medicare. They will demand that they be given special rights as senior citizens.

So, never, ever be nice to a boomer, because they fully intend to screw the rest of us to get what they want.

Written by mrcauser

June 2, 2009 at 3:57 pm

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