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Buy a Pepsi or a share of GM. Chrysler becomes Fiat. No really, Fiat. New unemployment claims are over 600,000 a month. Corporate profits are tanking. Defaults on first mortgages are exploding. And second mortgage defaults, who knows?

And don’t forget, deficit spending plans to bail everybody out are out of control.

Meanwhile, here at ground zero Idaho, Patti got her (small) yearly raise yesterday at Wally World.Of course, based on lower sales,  we have more work with less employees than ever. Sales off by 10% doesn’t help.

At least, the garden is mostly in and the place is looking good.

Now I need to plan our retirement better. We’ll go back in to business after I get our insurance plan at Walmart fully funded. Need $5000 a piece to cover us for any serious illness. The plan covers 100% of hospitalization. I’ll be able to use the money to cover Medicare coverage after I reach 65 or spend it as we see fit.

About half way there.

All hinges on getting through this, hopefully, short depression. Expect all the stimulus money to kick in the state’s economy next year and pick up employment.

I expect this fiscal stimulant  to be effective for a couple of years. Hope I’m being too pessimistic. I need happy people enjoying themselves to buy my shit!!!


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May 30, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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