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Just ask Obamama!

Patty and I can live about two months out of our reserves. We have a 22 rifle and a 12 gauge just in case. The garden, small as it is, is in. I need a large freezer because the farmer’s market is now open and full of good eats for little money.

The truck runs and the car gets great mileage so no major purchases this year. I’ll need a  RV of some kind for our retirement plans that include Florida and California visits to see the kids. Probably buy after further price collapse.

As I’ve posted several times before, anyone employed during deflationary collapse and saves some cash, don’t forget improving your credit by eliminating debt, will be able to buy everything they want at half price.

So far I’m on target with real estate. Auto prices are still artificially propped up by the Fed’s to save their union contributions. It remains to be seen how long this can continue. Probably have to see ruinous inflation to change the inevitable. They are toast!

Be patient!

California’s brand of fascism.,as I have pointed out, is doomed without a huge dose of “Obamama-nomics”. Expect huge transfer of your money to Arnie.

Bank on it.

As for investments, used mobile homes, which only can be financed by the owner, are a sure bet. Buy cheap, ideally for all cash, finance at 10% for 5 years for people who can’t qualify for bank financing, and repeat. I did it here in Idaho as a buyer and it’s easy to do. Just use a title company to keep the title until you get it paid off.

Keep your money where you can see it not on Wall Street.

Modern Survivalism Tenet Number One by Jack Spirko

For example many survival-minded individuals grow gardens and develop more permanent food-producing crops like fruit trees, berry bushes etc. on their property. They generally stick to organic production methods, focus on water harvesting and attempt to maximize production per square meter. This is a classic survival technique designed to remain sustainable if anything hits from simple loss of personal income all the way up to a collapse of US infrastructure. So yes in the event of economic collapse this makes a tremendous amount of sense as a modern survival tactic.

Now let’s examine the other side of the issue. What if we never have an economic collapse, what if there are no food shortages in the next 30 years and what if the survivalist never even has a layoff to contend with? Flat out for the foreseeable future absolutely nothing goes wrong. If you have your property landscaped with sustainable organic food-producing crops are you not still better off?


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May 21, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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