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We ought to make tomorrow a holiday…..

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From the gangsters in office. The shit hits the fan in Kalifornia. Taxpayer revolution is more like it. Soon Uncle Sammy will have to send 50 billion or so to the state to save their bondholders and fat cat unions.

Which state is next? Heh heh.

And we thought the depression was over! Wait and see. The interest rates will skyrocket and cripple the “RECOVERY” if the government doesn’t bail out doesn’t work. And why won’t it work? The printing presses are a blazing already.

Foreigners?Hope they don’t run out of money to lend. Of course, we ain’t going to buy very much from them so where are they going to get it?

Oh, I know we already send them billions in “aid”. They can give it back .Will that ever be stopped?

We  broke dicks won’t be able buy anything from them soon anyways as taxes go through the roof.

Any ways, every state and local jurisdiction will be under water and begging Washington for “assistance”. How much will they get from you?

Or from my mothers 900$ a month pension?

Got guns?

California’s Day of Reckoning: May 19 by Gary North

Politicians believe in something for nothing. Washington is going to be asked to supply lots and lots of something for nothing. California’s politicians want to be able to go before their constituents and assure them that vital services will still be available at below-market prices. Uncle Sugar has come up with the money.


Politicians believe in the bottomless pit of tax revenues. They are like investors who think the same thing about corporate bailouts. Washington is seen by all as a bottomless pit of wealth to fund vital services. All services are vital, although some are more vital than others. Which are the most vital ones? Those that are supplied by union members. Unions vote as blocs.


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May 18, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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