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The shit hits the fan. But wait maybe I’m a pessimist.
Nah. Obamama and his gang will wave his magic wand and poof! all this goes away.

They’ll swear up and down broke dick foreigners will save me in my old age. After all our bonds will be guaranteed by the full faith in our government.

How long can this go on? Until they run out of suckers and desperate Foreign investors of course. Think we’ll have plenty of these in the future?

Yea, right!

Want better advice?

Pay off your debts and invest in food. With any luck we’ll be able to start a new country. Wouldn’t be the first time a aging empire spawned something new.

In the meantime expect more of the same. War on oil producing countries. Bribing foreign governments. Corruption becomes the norm. Union, government,corporations and Greens collude to protect and control our economy.

it will be theirs to save. Get a good seat your going to need it.

       Medicare Insolvent In 8 Years

We’re officially past the point where Social Security and Medicare insolvency are far-off problems that we can ignore.

Medicare is going bust sooner than we expected. And this isn’t some crazy, partisan rambling. This is coming straight from the government, which just updated their numbers based on new tax data. Here’s what Tim Geithner said in a statement:

“The Medicare Trustees Report makes clear today there is no more important long-term fiscal policy measure than gaining control of the growth of Medicare costs by delivering health care services more efficiently. These savings can only be achieved in the context of a larger effort to control health care costs and improve quality more generally. The most effective entitlement reform measure will be a major health reform that helps bring down the growth rate of national health care spending. The Administration is committed to working with Congress to find ways to control runaway growth in both public and private health care expenditures while helping to ensure that all Americans receive the high quality, affordable health care they deserve. The recent commitment of major health stakeholders to help lower the annual growth rate in costs by 1.5% represents a crucial step in that direction.


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May 13, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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