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Your free to pay and pay. Free to to be taught nonsense and superstition. Free to conform. Free to bitch.

Of course, if your mother kills you, then your free to give your DNA to blood suckers who will save rich old codgers from dying from living a natural life.

And don’t forget,  you are free eat shit and die if you don’t like it.

Idaho Observer: Born free to tacitly accept slavery

Born free to tacitly accept slavery

Americans are born free. But then, through an artful web of “legal”deciet, trickery, word games and constructive frauds, we become enslaved. The irony is that we “choose” slavery by unquestioning acceptance of government licenses, numbers and status as a “U.S. citizen.”

In all humility, I may be the most appropriate person in America to write the following overview of how “Americans” have been betrayed. My career began a decade ago during the common law court movement and has survived “redemption” and the UCC. I have watched in horror as well-meaning people (many of them close personal friends of mine, who were lawfully seeking shelter from the legal storm) have fallen from self-righteous optimism to dejection, poverty, insanity, imprisonment and even death-by-suicide. It is safe to say that just about every sovereignty/freedom process or program that does not work has crossed my desk.

But, we have been learning—we are not as hopeful and naive as we were in the common law court days. Through trial and error, good men and women have been challenging the ruthless power behind the benevolent facade of the U.S. government and its satelite state governments. In most cases, that power reaches out and destroys those who dare approach, but every now and then the good guys score a point or, in our defeat, we are able to glean valuable insight.


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April 18, 2009 at 7:16 pm

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