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Welfare benefits for the rich and connected……

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You have to be connected to get a government handout. Not needy, connected.

Bailouts, handouts, government contracts, cushy jobs, high paying jobs for spouses, kids set up for life, and guaranteed election results for Dems or Repubs who play the game.

For you, there’s taxes, regulations, paperwork, lousy schools, chicken shit wages, pitiful medical and retirement benefits and don’t forget you have to hide anything of value.

Try going into business legally.

Trust me.

You have to be connected!


Survival+ 9: Squeezing the Middle Class
April 7, 2009

As noted above, the Roman Empire’s decline can be traced to a variety of causes. But we can summarize them collectively as the middle class being squeezed to death by the over-reach of the state and its Plutocracy/Elites rulers.

Stated another way: as the Elites’ interests diverge from those of the society as a whole, the middle class is caught in an economic and political vice between the state and its “powers behind the throne” Plutocracy and the large (and politically dangerous) underclass dependent on the largesse of the state. As each class (the Plutocracy and the class of less productive citizenry) become ever more dependent on the state’s power and revenues for their privileges and entitlements, they demand the state’s share of national income expand at the expense of the middle class.


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April 7, 2009 at 6:43 pm

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