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We got our bonus for the last quarter..

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Remains to be seen if we get the next one. Sales have fallen about 9 % this month.

At least we are getting the store remodeled. Ready for the huge crowds from bankrupt competitors, I guess.

Walmart still rules as their stock has held up pretty good until Oba mama gives us union rule.

I still expect a so so summer at the store as unemployment catches up with Northern Idaho. So far 7.5% hasn’t had a big effect (FROM ABOUT 4% 2 years ago) but you never know because we are in uncharted waters.

My crew is now down to 4 full time from 7. Until sales pick up I don’t expect any new hires to fill the vacancies.

The guys we have are the best I have had here in the 18 months I’ve been here and we are getting it done.

As for the local economy, when stimulus money finally gets here it won’t mount too much because we have very little infrastructures to build or repair.

Other than that, the real estate market has fallen off about 10 % from very low levels anywhere else in the West but with unemployment this high and a lousy “affordability index“. (25 % of your monthly income equals your house payment) I don’t expect much improvement.

This by the way, as I have been blogging will be a big piece of getting us out of this mess. You can’t have millions of people “gambling” with the roof over their heads.

Until sanity returns and banks clear their books of corrupt loans we can expect a rerun in Real Estate as every one “needs” a house. Especially if the taxpayers give them one (heh heh)


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March 28, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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