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It’s a conspiracy to disagree with Oba mama…..

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Contracts to commit fraud are illegal. Threaten to punish the “Bonus” recipients and get the money back.

All this belly aching is silly. Close these up and start over.

Not politically correct and can’t be done.

All these guys are in on the scam. Are we surprised?

Glenn Beck – Interviews – Glenn Beck – Another sign you are in a militia: Congressman Paul

RON PAUL: What it is is they’re worthless. You know, they claim that there’s no market for them. Well, there is no market because they’re worthless. They are finding victims and we’re the victims. The taxpayers are the victims. They can’t sell them because they have no value and they should allow them to be eliminated. They have to be liquidated. But this whole idea that they have to be bought up is preposterous. That’s why they wouldn’t — this thing could be practically over if they just allow these companies to go into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court would have handled this, we wouldn’t have had to appropriate any money, we wouldn’t have had to mess with regulating salaries. That whole thing could have been stopped just by following the law which should have been bankruptcy court.

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March 24, 2009 at 7:51 pm

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