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Our gang is just getting warmed up….

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Our government is comprised of competing gangs battling over the stolen loot. As I have been saying for years now this mess will eventually crash around our ears as no “change ” is possible.

Now I believe it would be best if we let it. Not one vote until there is nothing left of the ruling elite. I will be here in Idaho watching the blood fly as the gimme gimme crowd claws itself to pieces.

What’s interesting is this is just the beginning.

Crash and boom are guaranteed by government fiscal action. Print and borrow until we run out of suckers.

A few years from now we start the cycle over and crash even harder. Inflation is guaranteed to wipe out all these unpayable debts destroying the middle class.

My generation remembers 10 cent Cokes and 25 cent packs of cigarettes, 5 cent Hershey bars and don’t forget 28 cent a gallon gas.

How about I bought a duplex for 10 grand. Payments were 125 a month. Guess how much the rents were for.

In 1972 we were wealthy. What happened to the working class?


Wait until 2012.

Groupthink :: View topic – Contradictions of Socialism (I saw the future & ran away)

If one were accidentally to open his eyes and compare the “progressive” narrative with facts on the ground, one might start asking questions. Why, for instance, if the war on terror breeds more terrorists, haven’t there been attacks on the U.S. soil since 2001? Why, if George W. Bush had removed our freedom of speech, was nobody ever arrested for saying anything? And if Obama has returned us our freedoms, why was a man harassed by police in Oklahoma for having an anti-Obama sign in his car? Why would anyone who supports free speech want to silence talk radio? And why is silencing the opposition called the “Fairness Doctrine”?

After the number of “caring,” bleeding-heart politicians in Washington reached a critical mass, it was only a matter of time before the government started ordering banks to help the poor by giving them risky home loans through community organizers. Which resulted in a bigger demand, which resulted in rising prices, which resulted in slimmer chances of repaying the loans, which resulted in more pressure on the banks, which resulted in repackaging of bad loans, which resulted in a collapse of the banks, which resulted in a recession, which resulted in many borrowers losing their jobs, which resulted in no further mortgage payments, which resulted in a financial disaster, which resulted in a worldwide crisis, with billions of poor people overseas – who had never seen a community organizer, nor applied for a bad loan – becoming even poorer than they had been before the “progressives” in the U.S. government decided to help the poor.


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March 14, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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