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Citigroup reports 2 billion profit……

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We’re saved!!!

Wait a minute. Didn’t we just give these clowns 30 billion? They only profited 2 billion?

Hmmm…. You know, if I was given 30 billion, I would just close the doors and tell the government to pound sand.

Take him 10 years or so to figure out what happened. Especially when I buy a  dozen congressmen for a million or so a piece.

Hell, maybe a hundred years.

Might even run (buy) for office myself. Hire the whole family. Hire a lot of families.

In the mean time, for us little guys here’s the important information. Trucks.

Trucking disappears and we die!

Wall Street Journal

Con-way Inc. (CNW) Chief Executive Doug Stotlar voiced some optimism Tuesday that a persistent slide in freight volumes could be stemming, citing a seasonal uptick so far in March.

“We hope that we’re at the bottom,” Stotlar said, speaking at a Raymond James conference in Orlando, Fla.

Con-way’s stature as a top trucking and logistics company gives it a bird’s-eye perch to “see the uptick before it’s being …


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March 13, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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