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More people will believe  that Obamama is the top evil genius. He came at the right time. (The Repubs can’t lie half as good. After all He da man!)

Even in the midst of a disaster!

Hell the conspiracy nuts are ecstatic. Like a stopped clock they are correct periodically because they believe this economy can be “controlled” and once in awhile it looks that way.

Don’t tell them that if our world  could be controlled by these evil geniuses  we would all join up!!!

Where do I sign? I’m tired of being a peon. I’ll obey the secret code and use the sneaky handshake. I’ll even vote for the “correct ” candidate. (OK I promise  to vote as many times as needed for all the candidates. Hell any candidate. )

But what’s in it for me, huh? Power, wealth, pussy (OOPs) Toyota pickups, free cable and don’t forget the clean underwear every Friday.

I’ll even wear a tin hat, TRUST ME.

Want to get them stirred up?

Remind them that the last time we had a Depression Roosevelt ran and won 3 terms. He’d still be president if he hadn’t croaked.

How many terms will “they” give Oba mama, hmm?

OK your HIGHNESS, I’m ready,  beam me up.

No TARP Can Mend the Economy Now – The International Forecaster

We still believe the economy can be held afloat in spite of its condition for another two years despite the increase in deflation. We still don’t see the elements of collapse, but it is on the way. Be patient, it will arrive and you won’t like it. The elements that brought about this horrible situation are starting to be recognized as the culprits and for the criminals that they are. If we were they we’d quickly go into hiding because we do not give five cents for their chance of survival. Over the next two years the impact of events will be staggering. Wall Street and banking will get their comeuppance from the public, who don’t really understand how really corrupt and deadly they are. The public is not trained to and can never understand how evil and diabolical these people are. They are willing to take down the entire world economic and financial system to bring about their satanic dreams of world government. The average decent mind cannot conceive of something so evil. These are the people who deliberately wrecked our economy via free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing. America cannot ever recover unless tariffs on goods and services are imposed. The plug has already been pulled on manufacturing. Next is consumer consumption, the next three to four years in housing, then Wall Street, banking and insurance.

The collapse we see in the distance will bring about social dislocation and Martial law. The Illuminists know this and are laying the preparations now to subdue the people. The question is will our military shoot their own fellow citizens? We believe 90% will not. That 10% that attempt to will be killed by their own troops. That is why at this point we believe we can work with the American military. We expect revolutions worldwide, so we do not expect many foreign troops to interfere. Let’s say Argentina sends 30,000 troops to the US, what a perfect time and opportunity for revolution. The entire world is going to be in a terrible state of affairs.


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February 28, 2009 at 9:38 pm

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